Oh Mother Of Joyous Days

As far as the title goes, X holds an MS, that’s Master of Sarcasm.

I went into the front bathroom to take a leak, and my sock foot stepped onto the rug and went “squish”.

What followed from my lips was a series of expletives that would make a sailor blush.

You may recall my adventure in water heater replacement approximately a year ago. Could it be a leaky water heater? Could be, but doubtful.

Could it be leaking from  under the bathroom sink? Could be but no water standing inside that cabinet.

That leaves the water heater closet and connections.

The new heater was slightly taller than the old one. I made no alterations to accommodate the height, and just forced it in as I was tires of messing with it (X has a very low frustration tolerance, and it gets him into trouble…from time to time).

The inlet on the right is higher than the one on the left due to the length of the down tube. The flexible tubing didn’t flex enough causing a lot of stress on the T connection behind the wall, where it is leaking.

The water inlet side is elevated to the point where I think the connection behind the wall may be cracked.

One of the main bitches to this whole situation is the fact that the water will not shut off completely. It will trickle even with all known valves shut off. Water inlet valve, outside valve, and valve from water softener in pump house.

If the inlet pipe is cracked  at the elbow, then it will be excruciatingly difficult to repair with water running through it.

I guess I could shut off the main pump and drain the air from the holding tank, but I would be dealing with something completely new and possible beyond my ability to reason.

Good thing my dishes are done.

After cutting away the wall, which was soggy by the way, I was able to see the connection where the water is leaking…it looks like the glue broke loose from the torque applied by the twisted down tube.

Sheeut. I just might have a new tee out in the irrigation supply bucket.

I had to go to town anyway as I was out of glue, or rather it evaporated. I use the two stage glue; primer then glue.

I was right. When I cut the T out, the water came out like a sombitch. I had to work fast; measuring cutting gluing sanding priming. I made a mess. It leaked into the bathroom and all over the floor behind the wall, leaking into the water heater closet.

I am finished now, but I will have to go back in and put one more turn on the elbow assy after the inlet valve as it drips a little. I wondered about that, but one doesn’t want to break something that one does not have a replacement for, doesn’t one?

I still have cookies to bake and caramels to cut. My son texted he needed his goodies by Friday.

Sigh. The things we do for our children.


One thought on “Oh Mother Of Joyous Days

  1. Net time you have to do something like this, shut off the water, and turn on one of your outside faucets or the faucet in the bathtub. The water trickling by your shutoff valve will exit at this low point, so as not to end up coming out where you are trying to make your repairs.

    …Those damned shutoff valves never so… shutoff…

    …I hate plumbing…

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