Day Two

On this day I got up with the wife at 5:30 (it’s been a while).
I had several chores today, and number one was get the wife’s MacBook fixed.

According to her, it just goes into the “circle of death” and nothing else. My wife has two college degrees, one in computer science. Of course, her CS degree was before Windows was invented. My wife is an excellent teacher, and she knows less about computers that the average fifth grader. She has always had trouble using computers; Macs and PCs. It’s always their fault.

I got myself prepped for the call by turning on and logging in to her MacBook Pro. No circle of death. I logged into email. No circle of death. OK then.

I called support and they attached themselves to my computer and discovered that it had not been updated for three years.

It took a couple of hours and some fine hedging to get 15 MB of software downloaded and installed. As far as I could tell, it worked the same after the updates. We’ll see what happens when the wife tries it this evening.

It’s always a joy to try and remember the password for my wi-fi and for the router. Now I put them in a document with all the passwords.

I plugged the fridge in, and after a couple hours, it cooled nicely.

We have been under a high wind advisory, and lost power several times. The satellite main receiver takes 5-8 minutes to reboot when power cycled. Annoying.

The other chore was to replace the light bulb in the garage door opener. I think there is a cold joint on the board because the light flickers when the opener is working. It is the original that came with the house when we bought it thirteen years ago. Probably should replace it and the garage door. I have had many problems with each of them over the years.

The a/c filter needs to be changed, as the last time was when I was here…in October.

68 for the high today here. Sunny and windy.


One thought on “Day Two

  1. For Apple computers you have got to keep up the updates. I fully understand about her having the CS degree and no longer keenly computer literate. I have the Business Information Systems BS and I haven’t worked directly in the field since 2002. I struggle adding a printer to my home network.

    For you garage door opener pull the board and re-solder all of their connections. That will cure the cold solder joint issue. I did that with a problematic 42″ tube TV I got back in the early 90’s and it refused to die after the re-solder. When I finally got rid of it last year I could no longer pick it up. I had to get the two boys that live across the street to take it out to my truck so I could haul it off.

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