Last Day Down Here…for a while

A front blew through and knocked the temps from 80’s into the forties yesterday. The wife had a three day weekend from school.

Today, I took the tax stuff over to the CPA. Man, it’s gonna be rough this year.

The wife is expecting her last paycheck on the 25th of this month. I hate to put the ranch up for sale with our stuff still in it, yet we’re not keeping everything that is still there. I have at least two more loads with the trailer.

Remember those little hand held games when you were little? They had sixteen squares numbered 1-16 with one square missing, and you had to move them around to get them in order? That’s what it’s like at our house when I bring another load. Now we have twenty squares to squish into the space for sixteen. It’ll only get worse. The space remains the same, yet more stuff. sigh. Our living room now has stacks of the stuff I brought down this trip. I noticed my space in the closet is now non-existent. I’m sure that will be a battle to get any part of it back as I move back home.

I changed my mind due to inclement weather this morning, and postponed my drive back to the ranch until tomorrow, the14th. I was loading up the wife’s car, and when I opened the garage door, saw that it was raining. Good enough of an excuse for me not to go in the rain.

I called my doc to reschedule my appt and found out it was on Thursday after all. A lab visit with a follow up next week. That won’t be good news either, and it’s my own fault.

At my wife’s request, I repaired the flickering garage door opener light. I had thought it was a cold solder joint…nope, just bent some copper clips inside the light bulb socket.

Always plan for the worst, and you’ll usually be surprised. At least I got 4 new tubes of solder.

A year ago or so, I bought some 4 ft fluorescent replacement bulbs for the house here. There are four two bulb fixtures in this house which would seemingly justify purchasing a box of 10 bulbs…right?

There is a shop light type fixture above the washer with one bulb burned out. I opened my new case and to my horror, discovered that the bulbs were T8 style. All fixtures in my house are T12. I did not know there was a difference.

I recently discovered at the ranch the the fixtures in the ceiling there are all T8, after purchasing a case of T12s, then having to purchase another case of T8s. I will take the T8s to the ranch, and swap out the one from the house. Also, I have a fixture for HO T5 48″ bulbs left over from the aquarium disaster, for which I recently purchased some 6500K and 3000K bulbs, which are great for indoor plants.

The diameter of the bulbs is what is different, and I’m sure the ballasts differ as well. The T12s being the largest diameter. Just thought I’d pass that on to you.

Still learning.


6 thoughts on “Last Day Down Here…for a while

  1. Somehow, the two cases of T8 tubes I had wound up here in Colorado, while the fixtures are hanging in the garage back in Long Beach! This happened with several other items, too, as the guys we hired to load the U-Haul pods were very quick.

    It’s funny because the guy who bought the house made such a big deal out of all the new lights and wiring in the garage.

    I gave the two cases to our contractor in-law, and he said they’d be all used within a week…

  2. I remember when buying flourscent lights tubes was so easy. Except for length, pretty much a universal fit. Colors were pretty standard and they lasted a good while (I was in charge of replacing light bulbs in former office – the ‘New Young Guy’).

  3. I used my last 2 4″ bulbs last summer. I have 10 of those fixtures. One in the kitchen and the rest in the basement. As I have bulbs or ballasts go out I am going to swap over to LED. I have 3 lights in the basement I leave on all of the time. The bulbs actually last longer on those 3.

  4. Ya never fully realize how much we all accumulate until we move, do we? Take care and wishing the best on the relocation. Take care of, and watch, your back and lifting (I learned the hard way).

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