This Makes Me Sick

And it should you too

Talks are underway between Obama and Netflix, according to a source familiar with the discussions. The source characterized it as a possible “production partnership” — for a series of shows, not just one — and said the deal has not been finalized yet.

Those of you with Netflix accounts, I urge you to drop them a line and tell them what will happen if they work the former traitor-in-chief into their programming.

What type of program could he possibly host?

“How I screwed America, and got away with it…”

“How to start a race war, without getting involved”

“How I set a record signing executive actions”

“Hypocrisy: How I mastered it”

“What I learned about being gay in a Chicago steam room”

“How I became president without being a U.S. citizen; you can too”



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