Change of Plans

Looks like we’re doing a complete 180; we decided to sell our house down south, take our chances with a refi, and move lock, schlock, and barrel to the ranch.

The wife went back yesterday to end her spring break.

I spent and agonizing two nights in Ft Worth at her sister’s, as the wife had a doctor appt with her r/a specialist.

We get to sleep on a sleeper sofa; a full sized one. This contraption sits in a converted back porch they call the “sun room”. It was stifling the first night…a-g-o-n-y.

We have a king at the ranch and with my new bedtime toy, the CPAP, it was cruel and unusual punishment.

The sleeper has a kind of a chaise attached to the right side (my side) and I got real claustrophobic dealing with that. I could not even wear the machine the first night.

I told the wife I wasn’t ever going back there. She understood.

It was warm and sunny in the day, and cool at night.

All the plans got chucked out the window for some completely new ones, that have not been finalized yet.

She is meeting a realtor down south this week to discuss what we could get for that house. The market is through the roof down there, and we are hoping to get a piece of it.

We met with the realtor here on Thursday, and were disappointed in what she felt she could get for the ranch; 100k less than what the neighbors got across the street with half the property.

Oh yeah. I had a follow up appt with the sleep doctor. I dislike making unnecessary trips, and to Kerrville, it’s forty miles round trip, so I try to get everything done at once while I’m there.

The receptionist stuck her head out and asked “did you bring your machine with you?”

Shaking my head “no, I was unaware that I was supposed to.”

“You weren’t supposed to, we don’t have any data from your machine. It hasn’t been transmitting. The company has not received any data. Do you have cellular reception out there?” I did not know that she was on the phone with the company that installed and supposedly “serviced” the CPAP machine.

Nodding, “Yes” was my reply.

She returned to her cube and called me to the window “is there someone at home that can turn on the machine so the company can ping the modem?”

I called the wife, waking her up, and asked her to power up the machine. The “company” still had no response.

Lots of shrugs; even the nurse got off her ass and came out.

I had to reschedule the appt and bring the machine in next time. At that point in time, I was supposed to go out of town (south) for an unknown period of time, so I could not reschedule, but indicated I would let them know when I was back so they could work me in. Not my fault.

The guy from the “company” named José, scheduled the initial appt with the RT who delivered and installed the machine. the “company” is out of San Antonio. ’nuff said.

The damn CPAP does not work if my nose is stopped up; period. They don’t get that. I have to take Benadryl or Zyrtec every night, and hope that my sinuses stay open, or I will end up with a case of the cottonmouth like you would not believe. Yeah, it has a humidifier, but it rarely lasts all night. When all is working well, I sleep well. Most of the time however, it doesn’t.




11 thoughts on “Change of Plans

  1. Wow…’re heading back to the ranch!

    Good luck with the sale of the house. If you have the time, it’s well worth it to do some landscaping, painting and repair. We had the time, and it helped our little place sell in a little over two weeks.

    • There’s not a lot of time before we run out of cash on hand. Some things, we can do, others; not. The market down there is booming, so we are thinking we should get it sold and do well quickly.

      • Yeah…..I thought about your financials right after I wrote the reply.

        Good luck with the sale. I know how bad you want to get out of the RGV and go to someplace safer.

  2. Glad to hear that you’re keeping the ranch. That would have been my choice if at all possible. Good luck with everything……………..

  3. It’s strange, but when you wrote you were intending to move back south, it gave me a bad feeling. Maybe it’s because I really don’t like South Texas/North Matamoras, and Central Texas is one of the best places in the world, if you don’t count Austin.

    Anyway, the best of luck, and may the housing market bless your bank account.

  4. I have a full face mask with my CPAP, so when my nose isn’t working, at least I get air through my mouth. If all you have is the nose thingy, get your rep to give you the full mask. (The nose things or the mini-mask that only goes over the nose all gave me claustrophobia, the full face mask doesn’t.)

    I have also found that washing out my sinuses right before I go to bed helps.

    And a small dash of Hydrogen Peroxide into the humidifier tank helps cut down my constant sinus infections from allergies.

    Hope this helps. And I am so glad your wife decided to keep the ranch. Good luck in Central Texas.

    • I too use a full face mask. Even with the humidifier, when I breathe through my mouth, it gets dry as a desert. I like the idea of the peroxide to help prevent sinus infections. Thanks!

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