Still Waiting…

I am still waiting for a call from Home Depot flooring dept on the results of the measuring for the carpeting. The store told me to call them as soon as the measuring was finished, then I pay for the carpeting, then they will schedule the install within 5 days.

The measurer said “no, don’t do that. I wish they would stop saying that. They cannot order until the measurements get into the system, and only then can they order.”

Lesson learned: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

In preparation for the impending carpet install, I have been saddled with the responsibility of clearing the furniture out of the rooms intended for carpeting.

We have two twin beds, one of which is a hospital bed, the other is an extra thick mattress and box spring.

That was my project today, to move them out to the bunkhouse.

The regular mattress was not a problem, and I loaded that into my pickup. The other mattress was mostly one of those ‘memory foam’ mattresses and even though a bit unruly, I loaded it with the others, and moved them to the bunkhouse.

The bottom section of the hospital bed was a different story. The ‘box spring’ was bolted to a wooden frame, within was a series of motors and struts designed to raise and lower the head and foot of the bed.

The box spring was wider than the frame, making it a real bitch to load onto the dolly as it was one sided to heavy for me to do alone, so I waited for the yard guy.

After some struggling with the awkwardness of the weight and dimensions, we got it done with both of us panting by the time we were finished.

Scratch that off the list.

Still have a large wooden desk, a legal sized file cabinet, and the wife’s electric piano to relocate to the kitchen.

Maybe tomorrow.

The wife went back south on Sunday saying that she was going to get stuff packed and loaded, hoping to make a return trip later this week.

I got a bill for the satellite, and I figure that will be like pulling teeth to get any part of that refunded when I shut it down next month.

I have found out that there is now cable internet available for me here. I mean to call them and find out if I can used my own cable modem as it is still being used down south. I am sure that they will pound my ass for $10 a month for ‘lease’ on their own modem. Supposedly, it’s a fiber optic system offering 50Mps at $49.99 a month and 100Mps at $69.99 a month. They charge a flat rate of $99 for installation. I am curious to know how they run the drop, and where exactly the trunk line runs.

I noticed the yard guy brought his own mower today. He’s been asking me if the rider is fixed yet. Seems like all I do is fix that thing after he breaks it.

We haven’t had enough rain this spring to have any serious grass growing problems. The wildflowers are up, and with the next rain will come the next wave of wildflowers.

My Windows phone weather forecast says it will rain tomorrow, but I ain’t holding my breath.


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