What’s Going On Here

Today is X’s 62nd trip around the sun.

X is 20 lbs down in less than three weeks.

The inspection report came in for the house sale. The inspection is really getting close to the end, and even though the report had some negatives, the buyer and us made an amendment to the contract.


Those pesky bastards had infiltrated several of the outside walls. Plus, apparently we have bees living in the attic, unbeknownst to us. An exterminator estimated $800 to fix all and we gave the go ahead.

Electrical issues:

An  electrical box located on an outside wall under the patio roof was deemed “out of code” as the supply wire, Romex, came from a hole drilled in the eave and fed the box. So I called an electrician to work out a time with the realtor when she could let him in and remove the circuit.


There was an Oleander bush on the east side that was yes, unsightly, and was recommended to be removed. We called the yard guy and he agreed to do so today.

The buyer apparently is still very interested, and signed the amended agreement.

Countdown to closing.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…got mostly nuthin’.

Hot. 30% humidity. No rain in the forecast until the weekend maybe. A hurricane in Mexico on the Pacific Coast may sweep to the east as it works northward, giving us some much needed rain.


8 thoughts on “What’s Going On Here

  1. Happy Birthday, my friend!

    Home Inspection Reports all have two things in common. 1) They find “Negative” things you didn’t know about or thought were “OK”, and 2) They usually miss or disregard things you knew about that were giving you heartburn!

    And if the buyer’s are still interested, the realtors work out a plan, and submit “ammended” documents agreeable to all, and the process moves forward.

    What do you know about the buyer’s? Are they “solid”?

  2. Is X purposely losing weight? If so, just a warning that X is losing weight too quickly, which will make most of it water weight. Nothing wrong with getting rid of excess water, but X needs to be careful about wringing X out too much.

    As to all the issues with the house, fortunately they all sound (as long as the termites haven’t done too much damage) like something tossing not-to-much money at will fix.

    Though the bee situation is interesting. Had the same thing at my house. No bee keeper wanted to come and get them, even though it was a rogue colony of European bees. Well, actually, one bee keeper was going to charge me for removal, and I would still have to do all the repairs. And bees are ‘endangered’? Yeah, pull another one.

    Just wait, you’ll get some humidity and rain soon.

    Good luck with the house.

  3. Sounds like you have everything under control.

    I am doing termite repair on my garage door surround right now. One day into it and I have $80 worth of wood of which I have repaired one side mechanically. I still have to do the trim work so it will probably be another $50-75 and the other side. After the garage project I have to replace the front entry door frame. I did it about 15 years ago and it has started to rot out again. The door is fine it is the molding and door jam. It is always something.

  4. Happy Birthday sir. One of your gifts is being freed of the local south Texas armpit humidity. McAllen current humidity right now is 94%. Ugh !!

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