A Follow Up

As far as the house…we were awakened this morning by a call from the realtor saying that the lender had balked awaiting the painting and carpet replacement. (I was only privy to one side of the conversation).

WTF? She felt it was a rookie mistake by the other realtor who submitted the original proposal to the lender which asked for above instructions.

My realtor added that if the lender was on top of their game, that they would have noticed the initial contract was not signed by us.

The buyer is eager to finish this so she can move in, so it sounds like she really wants the house.

So the electrician and pest control have been put on hold  until this gets straightened out…not my problem, but a glitch just the same…dumbass rookies.

The realtor also has been getting calls from someone who only identifies herself as a “neighbor” that insists there is a cat in our house…somewhere. The realtor has opened up the house and garage and found nothing. The “neighbor” called her again today saying the same thing. I know of no such species of kittycat that can survive in the heat of an attic with temps in excess of 120° for four days without food or water.

Plus, the yard guy called last night when he was removing the tree stump that someone stole our water hose and sprinkler. The balls of some people. The crotons in the front are visibly dying already. A few more days of the south Texas heat will kill the crotons, and the yard will die next. The wife has always had a hardon for crotons, but they never survive because no one will water them.

Here’s hoping to close very soon.

On my 62nd trip round yesterday, I received one card from a friend, and a text from by younger brother…nothing from my boys, but a HB text from my stepdaughter…

I have not weighed today, as I usually reserve that delight until after my daily constitution, which is when one’s true weight is revealed. For my BD dinner last night, I awarded myself half of a nice sized boneless ribeye steak, with some Ranch Style beans of which I only ate a couple forkfuls. Other than that, I have no appetite. I frequently do not eat until 6 pm or thereafter as my body is craving Fritos and bean dip, and nothing else seems to quell that urge. Anything else is not appetizing at all. I have held fast, though the temptation is great..and then I got this:

I got a disturbing email from my younger brother this morning telling me of his health woes. In a nutshell, he had surgery on his lung (thoracotomy) to removed hardened mucus from the outside of his lung. He was in ICU for several days, and continued hospital stay for a few more. Still in pain with staples in his side, his wife takes him to work  until he has recovered.

This was the first I had heard about it.

Boy. I cannot remember what or if I said to piss off his wife, but she has not spoken to me for years.

I guess he’ll die and I won’t know. It ain’t right. I am the oldest and I should be next.

My brother is the poster child of fitness. He lifts weights, walks twice a day, eats 5-6 times a day; veggies, fruit, power bars, etc.

Man, mortality just reared its ugly head back in my life.

Listen to your bodies, friends. We only get one shot.


4 thoughts on “A Follow Up

  1. The people that bought our little place in Long Beach caused some delays, but it closed, and we’re out of there. The husband refused to electronically sign anything, AND they always had some excuse as to why they hadn’t signed certain documents for up to a week!

    Hang in there, it’ll close, and be part of your history instead of a continuing PITA!

    • We have had another brief glitch in that the FHA lender wanted us to replace the carpet and paint the interior. Wife and I scrambled to plan when to drive down and do this when the realtor called back and said the buyer had “worked out” the deal with the lender. So we were saved from another trip; so far. There is evidence of attempted break in at the house. The yard guy noticed a couple planks pulled off the rear fence, and a screen on the front window had been removed. No broken windows or evidence of anyone getting inside. The neighbor next door has three dogs and he said they went nuts one night and he investigated, but saw nothing. I called the local police and politely gave them the situation, and they happily agreed to step up patrols by the house.
      Looking good.

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