Still Waiting…

For all this rain we were supposed to get. All we’ve had so far are some really bad ass gusty winds and sideways rain, lasting for no more than a minute; barely settling the dust. Cloudy for sure, enough to drop the temps down from 100, but no measurable amount of rain.

Our optimism is increasing about the closing date for the house. Saturday night, we got a call from our next door neighbor there; very excited saying that there were three cars parked in our driveway, and had been there for several hours and should he call the POlice?

I tried to call our realtor, but only got voice mail and left a message. She responded with a text saying something to the effect of “It’s the other agent and the buyer. They are painting the interior. I knew about it. They want to get it painted before closing”.

Well shit. Thank you so much for approving their intrusion; but, on the other hand, if the deal falls through, they can’t take the paint with them. So, we figure that closing is inevitable.

Where I come from, we would not dare assume to do anything to a house before closing. Again, old school clashes with the millennial group.

I’m afraid I’ll have to put my foot down if they decide to install carpeting before closing. If they sneak it by me and the deal goes south, I’ll change the locks.

We had to wait. They can too.


8 thoughts on “Still Waiting…

  1. Sir, the RGV got some SERIOUS rain this morning (6-20), Weslaco and surrounding northern got 8+” of the wet stuff last night / early morning. I know the residence is in north McAllen – I’d call realtor and verify no issues happened too. Just to be safe.

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