The Nap

When I was a kid; 0-10 years, my dad always made my brother and I take naps on Sunday afternoon. My mom normally did not nap as she did laundry, sewed, ironed, all the things that sixties moms did.

My father was adamant that we napped. Why? I figured it out years later…the answer is “so he could nap”.

God help us if we woke him up.

My younger brother usually went to sleep as well, but only after a little resistance.

Me? I fidgeted, farted around, kicked, tossed and turned, made unrealized trips to the bathroom, counted to 60 many times, hoping that if I counted to 60 sixty times, I would be forgiven and be allowed to escape.

I could hear my friends playing outside, and that increased the agony of being confined to bed.

As I got older, the naps stopped as my brother and I lived to ride our bicycles to the hills and either attempt feeble jumps, or watched the other bikers moto around the area.

When I started dirt biking on Sunday mornings, I returned on or around noon, only to shower and take a nap.

So what constitutes a nap? Are there basic rules? I think they vary from person to person. For myself, a perfect nap is to lay on top of a made bed, cover with a light blanket to keep off the chill.

How long is a nap? For some, 20 minutes is all one may need to recoup one’s strength and get back after it; whatever it may be.

Two hours seems about right for me, although I have been known to sleep four hours during an afternoon nap.

The wife gets under the covers for her naps which could be longer than four hours.

Certainly, I have nodded off in my recliner in front of the TV for a while. Sleeping in the living room however, is usually interrupted by whatever. I seem to be very sensitive to any noises; thumping around by the wife, the wife’s phone ringing (usually, wherever her phone is, she is not, and she usually leaves her phone wherever I am). Thunderstorms do not seem to bother me. I disconnected the doorbell to alleviated the Sunday door to door salespeople, with great success.

Saturdays are different as the Friends of Jehovah seem to start their campaign on my block at ten a.m. on Saturdays.

I have been known to nod off in front of the TV while watching a DVD of Stargate SG-1, and miss an episode or two until the TV blue screens, or shuts off completely. Then I must either go to bed, or watch the disk again.

To be successful, a nap must be uninterrupted, IMO. Although, my wife can be up and down for hours and still have a fulfilling nap.


7 thoughts on “The Nap

  1. I prefer NOT to nap, as when I do, I feel groggy for the rest of the day and my next night’s sleep is not a good night’s REM sleep. But I do get the nodding off in front of TV, especially after eating some carbs and getting ‘carb coma’, lol. As I’ve become older (now 55), naps are getting more natural, especially on weekends. Kids are older and don’t need my supervision either.

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