After about a 6 week hiatus from using my CPAP machine, I got back on that old horse again last night. My wife had mentioned that my snoring had increased without it.

On my last attempt at putting the unit on, it ended up ripped from my head, and tossed broken, into the closet.

I use a full face mask that regulates exhalation air pressure as well as the constant pressure necessary to keep me inhaling.

I wrote earlier of my experience with the company that issued it, and their shortcomings thereof.

I bought a new mask seal and filters (which are supposed to be supplied by “the company” from Ebay, and a new “headgear” if you will, that I destroyed tearing if off my face during a brief fit of frustration that turned to anger.

After six weeks of comfortable sleep, I awoke today with a record case of dry mouth. As suggested by a reader, I add a couple drops of hydrogen peroxide to the humidifier tank to aid in preventing sinus infections. My nose was so stopped up today, I dared not speak as I sounded like Porky Pig. Ever try to wet your whistle when your  mouth is so dry that water runs off of it? Yep, imminent choking fit on the way.

Because of my facial hair, the mask seal loses its integrity during the sleep period, causing the pressure to leak around the seal. I could tighten it, but then the replacement “headgear” I bought was a small. It’s already stretched to the limit.

The machine detects this, and gives the sleep period a bad grade for the night. But who cares? For whatever reason, the cellular signal this unit sends out is not detected by “the company”, therefore no billing had been done until recently.

I am still paying off my deductible for the sleepover at the hospital for the “study”, and I have not  yet paid a dime of the $500 I have been billed by the doctor. Yet another poison pen letter lurks, waiting to be sent.

Am waiting to sell the house to settle all outstanding debts. Three more weeks until closing.


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