Girls Afternoon Out…A Break For Me

The wife and her daughter went out this afternoon for a trip to Kerrville for shopping. Well OK then.
I was up this morning, did my plant watering outside, and made a pot of coffee. The kid was up and had coffee while I prepped the brisket for this evening’s meal.

I used a whole cryovac, cut it in half, rubbed with my own recipe with olive, marinated overnight, and put each in its own brown n bag after searing them in the cast iron skillet. 5 hours for that to slow cook in the oven.

The girls finished the potato salad last night, so I used the monster baked potatoes left from last night’s dinner, and made another batch. It won’t go bad.

We will have corn bread to accompany our brisket dinner. Meanwhile, I think I’ll nap with the peace and quiet.

The kid loves my brisket, so will give her a substantial amount when she returns Tuesday. I have no doubt there will be lots left.


2 thoughts on “Girls Afternoon Out…A Break For Me

  1. I do a hickory smoked brisket on my smoker. I use apple wood for almost everything else but a brisket gets hickory. I use Memphis based rubs for pork and beef ribs but I brine my brisket in a white zinfandel, salt, and honey mix before I pat it down with Butt Rub and sear it in a cast iron frying pan with melted butter. I try to maintain 200 to 225 degrees in the smoker for about 3 hours and then I drop it a aluminum foil wrap and put it back into the cast iron fry pan for another 3 to 4 hours at 180 degrees in the oven. It will melt in your mouth and has a nice smoke ring.

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