I was up early (8:00) today, for me anyway after the wife and I stayed up until 3:00 watching Stargate Atlantis.

I always enjoy going through my blogroll, but at that hour, many bloggers have not yet updated, so it’s a quick tour. I should talk as I am not as regular posting as I used to.

I am hoping the morning dew will dry enough so I can do some mowing today, before the next round of rain sets in. That is one thing I miss about live TV is the weather forecast.

I am drinking my morning Joe with Irish Cream, watching the cloud buildup to the south. I see the white wild kitty cat across the yard, barely visible in the tall grass.

One forecast said there would be snow in north Texas late this weekend. Invariably, that means we will have a substantial drop in temps here as well.

I have another issue also, and it borders me being a good neighbor to the guy who has property to the south of us. My upper five acres is undeveloped, and I rarely go up there as it is all scrub oak, cedar, and mesquite. I am pretty sure that much of the trees and scrub are growing over the fence into his property. He has a couple of horses, and has cleared his property nicely to accommodate them, and my concern is that I’ll look like white trash who lets the property go.

What the hell, X? You dropped $300 on a new chainsaw; use it dammit!

I know, Jiminy Cricket.

I have not even walked the entire fenceline to the western property line…ever on the south side.

The developed five acres was doing same, and I had the yard guy cut the brush. He did so, and left the scraps on the other guy’s property. I had to remind him to haul that shit away onto my own ever growing brushpile; which is in dire need of a burn off. That requires a permit, or the very least permission from  the sheriff’s office so as not to attract the rural fire department.

I swear, my neighbor across the street to the north, the new guy to the ‘hood, is on his mower every single day.

So, after whipping up a small batch of pico de gallo, I’m off to mowing.



4 thoughts on “Friday

  1. We’ve got snow coming Saturday afternoon, and going on all day Sunday.

    And it’s going down to 15* Sunday night, a pretty hard freeze.

    Snow blower gets delivered next week, so I’ll just have to shovel it, as with the temps getting that low, it’ll be here a day or two.

      • Tell me about it! I grew up in the Chicago area, so I *know* what “severe winter weather” is. I remember many years where we had snow up to the gutters. And it’s almost always heavy, WET snow, the stuff that makes roofs collapse.

        Here it’s the beautiful white, fluffy, DRY stuff that’s primo to ski in. And it shovels very easily, about like a big shovelful of dry leaves. Our neighbor has the cutest little snow blower I’ve even seen, and it just jams through the snow we get.

        The last few snows are wet and sloppy, but they don’t stick around long. It breaks tree branches, so it’s something to watch out for, but by that time of year it’s getting warmer, so at least you’re not out there freezing your ass off!

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