Cooler Weather On The Way

I figure a lot of you folks get tire of hearing about our weather situation here in central Texas.

It’s a personal thing. After living 40 years in the RGV, any weather hitting the forties; hell even the fifties is a big deal, considering that down there, the temps can creep into the eighties in the winter. What winter? I used to think; or even autumn? Not. A cold front was welcomed by me always.

I always got a kick out of the locals down there donning their stocking hats when the temps hit the sixties. I kid you not. Me? It took a really cold day for me to put on my one pair of sweats and a flannel shirt, as we rarely ran the heat in the house. We still don’t.

Even when I lived in Colorado, I kept my short sleeves on until the temps went into the twenties; but it was a dry cold there too. In the RGV, it’s a humid cold that seeps through your clothes.

After three winters here, I now have expanded my wardrobe to three pairs of sweats, and five flannel shirts. I don’t own a ‘winter coat’ per se, but a light jacket that suffices if I layer.

The wife was asking me if she needed a winter coat, since this will be her first winter here with prolonged exposure to much cooler weather than she’s used to. I reply with “why? are gonna work on the car? (snicker) Are you gonna go outside and do some fall yard work? (guffaw coming) Were you planning to do some fall planting? (laughing until I cough).

Still, she shops for $200 coats…

Wednesday evening and Thursday the forecast is for temps dropping into the forties overnight, and hovering in the sixties on Thursday and Friday. The forecast in the RGV for Wednesday is 92.

Poor bastards.

The wife is now suffering from her 4th UTI of the year. It has taken her six weeks to recover, and about six weeks before she contracts another. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that rheumatoid arthritis is only about the joints; it is an immune system failure. Maybe the coat is not a bad idea after all for her. If only she would do the prevention; daily doses of Airborne, vitamin C, probiotics…stay away from Arizona romaine lettuce, water instead of tea.

It rained last night, halting any weedeating or mowing today, and likely the next couple days.

Her daughter is due for a visit this weekend. I have a feeling I will be several hundred dollars poorer by the time she leaves on Tuesday.


My sister in law invited herself and her husband for Thanksgiving, and she made it clear she wasn’t sleeping in the bunkhouse. I told the wife that they stay in the bunkhouse, or don’t bother coming, as I refuse to trip over their mattress on the floor in my TV room while they’re here, nor will I be a victim of her special dietary needs. Not to mention the verbal abuse I get from them.

They she has since changed her mind.

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  1. I solved the issue with my in-laws coming to visit for Thanksgiving by buying tickets to go visit my daughter. We are flying from Atlanta to Boston. My mother-in-law can’t handle Atlanta and any flight she will take will take her through there. My brother-in-law and sister-in-law has just realized that they can’t handle long flights. 🙂

    • My inlaws drive from Ft Worth (6 hours). I made it plane to them I wouldn’t drive the 100 mile round trip to the San Antonio airport to haul their asses to and from.

  2. Yesterday was 75* and sunny, and today it’s 38*, overcast, and drizzling.

    It can go the other way, too. We get “Chinook Winds” here that can take a 20* winter morning, and raise it to 75* in an hour. They’re like the Santa Ana Winds we got in SoCal.

    Speaking of winds…..I have to go to Home Depot and grab a couple of 2×4’s so I can brace the double gates shut. They blew open twice last year, and damaged themselves in the process. It was NO fun out there in blowing snow, at 10*, with a 40 MPH wind howling away last year, trying to get them closed.

    I’ll hang a “Closed Until Spring” sign on them!

    • I had the same problem with gates when I lived in Arvada. I ended up buying 2 sets of those big brackets one used to bar a door shut. One set face up, the other face down. That kept the 2×4 from blowing out and the gates open.

  3. Has your wife tried drinking a lot of cranberry juice? Something in it is supposed to keep bacteria from adhering to the urinary tract. If she doesn’t like the juice, cranberry concentrate capsules work wonders…………

  4. Living down here in RGV, I can remember some Thanksgivings reaching the century mark. Now THAT is depressing !!! What kind of Thanksgiving is that ?

    I’m with you, winter can’t get down here soon enough. One bright spot – deer season opens up this weekend – Hell Yeah !

    My cool weather attire is a Carhartt vest if dry cool, a windbreaker over that if wet and windy. With the vest, you can go indoors and not have to remove and carry around, just unzip the front.

    Happy Halloween all !

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