Moving Onward

Thursday, Nov 8.

Thanksgiving Day is two weeks from today.

I must get my brother’s Holiday Ale shipped to him, or forego him getting any altogether.

The wife and I were up  until 4 this morning, watching the TV series Jericho. I had never seen it. It is addicting. She will be zonked until well after noon. I think she is beginning to understand why I store so much food.

I am getting the voice in the back of my head to go ahead and get our turkey to avoid the crowds at the grocery store; other than that, I am set although I prefer a whole ‘bunch’ of celery with the tops instead of the ‘celery hearts’ which contain no leaves at all. The leaves impart yet another flavor into the stuffing, with which I always stuff the bird.

Thunderstorms back in the forecast today, as the sky is dark. If I gotta go to town, now would be the time.

Perhaps I should back off on the Irish Cream in my coffee for breakfast.


8 thoughts on “Moving Onward

  1. My wife, and the in-laws, are still tossing around who’s going to bring what. If I had my way, I’d tell them to make a huge pot of chicken and sausage gumbo, and bake some cornbread. It’s easier, and allows more time to enjoy adult beverages.

    Of course, I won’t have my way, so I’ll probably cook a side dish, enjoy some adult beverages, and watch nerves unravel.

  2. Ingel’s, a regional grocery store usually has the best price on hams and fresh turkeys. It doesn’t matter as we are headed to New Hampshire to peace together Thanksgiving in my daughter’s new loft.

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