Friday Finally

What do I care if it’s Friday or not? Every day is pretty much like the previous one here, although it means that Drudge will not be refreshed until Monday. Still, keeping track helps keep one sane, I hope.

A cold front is blowing in at this time. A brisk wind from the north, and cloudy skies were preceded last night by rain showers for several hours. Welcome fall. Our temp hit 85 on Tuesday this week.

One of my tasks to day was to fill the 21 ice trays, and pop them back into the pantry freezer. Yeah, we make our own ice with bottled water from the local watery. We do not drink the well water. I have not had it tested since we bought the place, but it is smelly and very hard. We do have a water softener, but when I add salt, the hot water gets so smelly the wife cannot do the dishes…gotta let her do something. All tea and coffee are made with bottled water as well. Boiling noodles, anything requiring water is bottled.

We never run the dishwasher unless we have had company eating. The damned thing takes 3 1/2 hours to run the cycle.Then, the dishes sit in there as we eek them out one at a time for the next couple of weeks ’cause no one will empty it. I have my pride.

The wife doesn’t know how to use it, so she has a hard on to select ‘sanitize’ every time, not realizing that the d/w heats the water to 150°, after every fill.

I did get to town yesterday and shipped some Holiday Ale to my brother. I decided not to make my usual Fall Hard Cider this year, as I usually end up giving it all away. Still, it’s fun to make. The best cider I made, I put it in a keg. This allows it to be sweet; and oh so strong, but I cannot give that away.

Why? you may ask. OK, I’ll tell you. One cannot bottle sweet cider, as it contains live yeast, and will continue to ferment after adding any sugars to sweeten it after the fermentation is done. Now, that is not entirely true as one way would be to ferment the cider to such a high alcohol content, that it kills the yeast. Then, one could add sugar or honey to sweeten it. The only time I tried this approach, I bottled the entire batch in 1.75 liter wine bottles,corked. Only to find within a couple of days that the ferment started up again. The bottles were in a wine rack on their sides, and pushed out the corks on six bottles, and dumped the contents onto the carpet. The rest of the bottles I took to the company Christmas party, leaving no one uninebriated (not a real word, but you get the picture).

Those stains on the carpet were still there when we sold the house, by the way.

I suppose one could heat up the fermented cider on the stove to just under 185° (the point where alcohol evaporates), let it cool, then add the extra sweetener, but there will be no carbonation.

There are chemicals too that one can add to the fermented cider that will slow down the yeast, or kill it completely if one adds enough…ever hear of sulphates in wine? Yeah, they can affect flavor too. I have tried it but with little success.

My morning regimen of meds

The necessities: nifedipine, lisinopril with HCTZ,  metformin, fenofibrate,and metroprolol. The fenofibrate can be taken any time after a ‘fatty’ meal.

The supplements chewable Airborne, 500mg Vitamin C, 2000mg garlic extract, 1200mg Ceylon cinnamon, 2000 units of vitamin D, multivitamin, 500mg l-arginine, 500mg Vitamin B12, and a B complex vitamin.

Gotta take all these with food, or suffer upset stomach.

Night time changes add 500mg bitter melon extract, 80 mg pravastatin,  another l-arginine, cinnamon, and all necessities except nifedipine. Another 500-1000mg vitamin C. Lots of water to wash down, and guaranteed to pee in a couple of hours.

I haven’t been sick with an infection in a couple years now. I do not take the flu shots that are available.

Still shopping for an AR-15 platform rifle. I found a Bushmaster QRC for $527 with a red dot sight. There are no iron sights on this. Anyone have a preference? Are iron sights easy to switch out? What is a two stage trigger as opposed to a standard trigger?

Maybe just get both the S&W MP15, and the Bushmaster…dunno. We’re still comparing. So much out there that needs an educated mind to decide.

Palmetto State Armory had 10 magpul 30rd .223 mags and 200 rounds of ammo for $129 yesterday. I also saw some you tube videos that said one can load up a magazine and leave it full for several years without worrying whether or not the last round will load up the ramp.

My guess is that one cannot have too many loaded mags when the bear is coming.


4 thoughts on “Friday Finally

  1. The cider; my son and I decided to try brewing Kombucha. After letting the first batch of stuff ferment under the SCOBI for ten days, we added the fruit to flavor it, and set it to ferment for another three days in Grolsch bottles. We then brought one of the bottles out to the kitchen to taste-test it. My son opened the bottle. All I heard was “Oh, fuck…” VOOF!!! The ENTIRE CONTENT of the bottle disappeared and immediately reappeared on the ceiling, replete with bits of fruit for added color. What a friggin’ MESS!

    …Ahh, the adventure of homesteading…

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