Wednesday Wasn’t All Playtime

Besides the late afternoon BBQ, I actually did some stuff on Wednesday. The current priority project is to empty the storeroom so the wife can start storing the rest of her “I can’t do without” stuff.

So out to the storeroom with two brooms and a dustpan. I brushed off the shelves, and swept the floor in the immediate area we had cleaned on Sunday.

There was a large, heavy duty storage tote, similar to what I’ve seen in warehouses holding heavier parts and such with two fold in lids. This storage tote had not been opened in years. When opened, it was full of water and clothes.

I dragged it out of the storeroom and downwind, then tipped it up and let the contents spill onto the downgrade away from the storeroom.

‘Twas the vile stench of stagnant water that first caught my attention. I did not examine the contents any closer, because my next thought was that I was going to have to haul that sombitch out to the garbage bag lineup; sooner or later. Maybe the rain today will rinse away the odor.

That brings up another issue? Where did the water come from? Obviously, the aforementioned storeroom believed to be weather proof has a roof leak in that spot. Will check today while it rains. Damn! It’s always just one thing.

After the sweep job, I then  turned my attention to my homebrew equipment, which consists of 2 five gallon glass carboys, 2 six and a half gallon carboys, a 6 gallon food grade bucket, a box containing my bottle drying rack, and a Sterilite tote with everything else. These I hauled out and placed on the recently cleaned off shelves, making a noticeable dent in the living room.

An interesting side story while this was happening. My phone rang in the late morning. The area code was from the RGV. I am wise to the new telemarketing strategies that use your cell phone’s area code and sometimes the same exchange to  make calls, so I blocked it. After blocking, the phone will not ring when called by a blocked  number, but the caller can leave a voicemail message, which is what happened; several times for the next few hours. Some poor old fart calling my number thinking it was someone else, asking for help. Then the messages turned into whining about why he didn’t show up, and wasn’t his money good enough, blah blah blah. Then the messages were why don’t you answer your phone? are you hiding from me?

The messages ended at 3:30. I almost called the guy to tell him, but I thought not as folks with that attitude are seldom comforted by knowing they screwed up, so I figured the old man finally got his head out of his ass, or the other guy finally called him; confused about the old man’s insistence on all the calls, then to find out he had dialed the wrong number. Part of me wants to use a pay phone and call the sombitch back to razz him; just because I can.

Anyway, success in fulfilling the first part of the storeroom clearance. If only the trash guy would have complied.

Today, I am looking at setting up My Yamaha amp and surround sound in the TV room, so I can install outdoor speakers on the deck. The amp handles channel B speakers up to 80W per channel, so that is on my list of possibilities.

Also, I still have the after market headboard for the bed I never installed, so I figured it would be easier to attach it when the wife isn’t in it.

Also, a double batch of X’s Chex Part Mix is on the agenda. Will send most to my brother with the beer when I figure out how to ship the glass bottles.

Also, a kitchen light is out.

Remember, Murphy says that anything you do yourself will take longer and cost more than you thought.

So true.


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