So What Will Happen?

President Trump will visit McAllen Texas today and surrounding areas boosting support for his border wall.

Strangely enough, there is opposition from those on the US side who live on the Rio Grande River.

The tall chimney you will see in the background is Chimney Park, south of Mission where we used to put our boat in and go water skiing on the river. A few miles up river we used to dirt bike on what we called the river beach, south of Sullivan City. More than once we hit a Border Patrol sensor and were surrounded by agents in a short time. They were a friendly bunch, that were relieved when they discovered a bunch of dirt bikers, instead of a group of illegals. We saw our share of illegals too, crossing some of the farms carrying plastic grocery bags with their possessions. Those days were before cell phones.

I can’t say that these folks see a lot of illegals crossing right there as the river is wide and deep at those areas…I didn’t hear anyone mention illegals coming across their property…there are plenty of narrower places to cross where the illegals can swim easier.

Chuck and Nancy walked out on the president’s speech the other night so to prepare for their rebuttal…how could they rebut it if they didn’t see it? Fuck those two and their disrespect. comrade obamski would have had them in the oval office “for a talkin’ to”, then labelled racists.

The wife mentioned that when Slick Willie was living in the White House, he visited  McAllen to “have lunch with a friend.” Many of the streets were closed off preventing any traffic flow, and she missed her dentist appt that day. It’s amazing how the Secret Service can shut down a town.

The airport there is right n next to the McAllen sector of the Border Patrol…my guess is that there will be a motorcade to haul everyone around to see some border crossings.

I am so glad I’m not there.

When I lived in Denver, I had the dishonor of seeing the Clintons from a window a couple blocks away, as they went into one of The Tattered Cover bookstores, in the downtown area. I got a glimpse of them getting out of their limo and scurrying inside, like roaches do. It was very cold and on the verge of snowing that day. From my perspective, it would have been a difficult shot.

Will the President declare a national emergency to get the wall built? If he does, what will that entail? martial law for folks along the river? Will the feds invoke eminent domain to build the wall? What about the folks that live on the river? Do they really go fishin’ there? If so, what do they catch? My guess would be catfish, maybe a stray bass that makes it though the gates up at Falcon Dam; otherwise carp that no one eats. Will the wall block their view of the precious river?

Controversial? yes, and necessary IMO. I can understand not wanting to give up one’s land to the Feds for pennies on the dollar…but if the government wants it, they will get it.

Save the butterflies? give me a break.

From what I understand from living in McAllen for over thirty years, the illegals don’t hang out locally; most of them are ‘just passin’ through’.

Certainly some stay and wreak havoc with the locals, no doubt about that and the more get across, the more stay.

A couple of trivia items about the Rio Grande River…I’m not sure exactly the 1930s I think the International Boundary and Water Commission diverted the river in a spot, that made a small island community that used to be US soil, into Mexican soil. I’m not sure where it is, but that is a fact.

Beneath Falcon Dam at Zapata Texas, there is a small town that is now under water due to the construction of the dam. The word is that when the water is low, people actually move back into the town…until the rains come.


9 thoughts on “So What Will Happen?

  1. My guess; unfortunately, Trump will end up caving. The MSM has made him out to be the Evil Blue Meanie for so long, it won’t be hard to get him to fall. This will leave those of us with IQ’s higher than that of a carrot with ZERO voice in government, as the GOP will get its head handed to it in 2020.

    The only voice we WILL have left at that point will be the bark of a gun…

  2. My views:

    Will the President declare a national emergency to get the wall built? Probably because the dimocrats will not budge. A wall was promised to Regan for the amnesty back in the 80’s. Void all citizenships along with any children born..

    If he does, what will that entail martial law for folks along the river? Yes

    Will the feds invoke eminent domain to build the wall? Yes

    What about the folks that live on the river? They move

    Do they really go fishin’ there? Not any more

    Will the wall block their view of the precious river?Yes but the government will take their land next to the border

    Remember they shut down the government when Obama was in office to railroad Obamacare through. I think Trump needs to expand the shutdown to include foodstamps, Congressional staff salaries to include security staff and the support staff (janitors, cafeteria, maintenance) and suspend health care and other benefits for congress. Congress would be required to be in session until they got a budget passed. Also draw down much more of the federal workers going to work. Suspend all funds going to state agencies. Declare martial law in DC to provide security for congress and put checkpoints at every intersection making it difficult to operate in DC.

    • Isn’t it funny how the LAST people affected by a “government shutdown” are welfare bums, illegals, and Congress?…

      • I had a federal civil service job back when the Clinton shutdowns happened. I was furloughed until the budget was resolved. When we got back to work were were paid as if we had been at work. I was forced to be part of a union. That was one of the agreements the union had with the government. I hated that job. Too much bureaucratic BS.

        Back in the 90’s a govt position Paid 75 to 80% of what the civilian market paid. I switch over. In the past few years government positions pay 130 to 150% higher than the civilian market for technical jobs. I got paid 3 to 4 times the going rate as a contractor to the government from 2004 to 2013. Funny how that works.

  3. I’m guessing that is the card that Trump is waiting to play. Let the free benefits end and when MSM complains, Trump shrugs and tells them ‘I’m sitting right here – where are Chuck and Nancy ?”

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