Raining Today, Friday

True to the forecast, it is raining. That’s all I got. Temp around 55.

The wife has discovered that she is physically unable to do much work outside. She has now made landscape plans for three or four “rock gardens” we have in the immediate vicinity of the house.

All have rather large tree stumps; some of which are ant and termite ridden I dare not stand too close for any length of time. The rotten stumps have got to go. All these gardens were initially done with kind of a Xeriscape as rocks proliferate around here. One can clean up the rocks, but what to do with them? I mean there is a dump truckload, and they will continue to come up through the ground over time.

I guess I could pile them in a couple of wooded areas we have left au natural. Perhaps build my own stone wall. Ever seen pics of farms up in New England? Those hayfields are surrounded by a rock wall…three and four feet high. I would like that as an additional barrier around my perimeter; maybe just this side of the fence.

Still, some poor bastard has to pick them up and haul them..you guessed it: me.

She’s right though, it’s an eyesore the way it is. I cannot mow through them with all the rocks hidden at ground level. It’s difficult to use the weedeater as the rocks eat of the string quickly..manually cleaning them out seems to be the way to go.

I think I’ll move that down the list a ways.

Can’t do it in the rain, though…rats.


6 thoughts on “Raining Today, Friday

  1. When I was growing up on the farm we had an add on tray that hung in front of the tractor weights on the front of the tractor. If I plowed up any stones they were to be placed in the tray and when it got full or at the end of the day the stones were added to a stone wall my grandfather had started and my dad had added to.

    When I graduated high school I left the farm. I have lived in a city ever since, I have no desire to go back. I have thought about it, but I have also thought about the girl who took my virginity – never going to happen again.

    • Fortunately, the orchard and corn field have had all rocks removed. The rest of the property sits on giant caliche veins, which permanently push rocks up to the top. Yeah, gathering up the rocks will be an ongoing thing.

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