Looks Like Chainsaw Time

Before I get the fence contractor out here, I gotta cut down a couple of trees.

The crepe myrtle. There are lots around here; at least two more I’d like to cut down.

There is one on either side of the driveway, and the wife and I agree that they need to go to make room for the upcoming swinging gate.

I was just going to cut them down at ground level, then drill a hole with a spade bit and dump a few drops of pure Roundup into each hole in the stumps, and let nature takes its course.

We had a couple of those when we lived in McAllen in the front yard, and never could figure how the damned blooms got into the pool in the back.

Crepe myrtles have to be maintained every year to grow back and bloom nicely…these have  been neglected for many years. See the tree moss that has taken over. All trees here suffer from it. It grows on power lines too, it’s not parasitic; just unsightly as far as I know. It pulls right off.


looks like outside work is on hold for a while. The wife just called me from the bedroom. She had another of her ‘episodes’…cramps, off to the bathroom,,,didn’t make it, vomiting too…still has cramps…

I’ll need to stay close.


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