High Wind Advisory Today

Until 1:00 am tomorrow.

If it didn’t take 30 minutes to upload a video into you tube, I would shoot some of the blowing tree activity today.

I know, lots of places are looking at severe weather today; tornados and the like.

A day of gusting 40-50 mph winds every now and then, helps thin out the dead branches on the live oak trees.

Back to my high protein diet, starting last Thursday with all that bbq I made.

I checked my blood sugar for the first time yesterday since April 4. It was 98 at 6:50 pm and not eating all day except for coffee with whipping cream. The lowest it’s ever been since I have been checking.

Today at noon, it was 127. After eating bbq chicken breasts, chicken wings, some fajitas, and some meat loaf, with deviled eggs for ‘dessert’ last night. Oh yeah, and a huge bowl of onion soup.

If I ate nothing but onion soup for a couple weeks, I would lose more. It really doesn’t taste bad, of one eats it when one is very hungry. It makes a difference not to over cook it so the veggies are still a bit crunchy. Unfortunately, it is made with fresh veggies, and will require another trip to the store to replenish when I run out. An extra bowl a day would be beneficial to weight loss, and ‘body flushing’…I don’t need to be specific, do I?

No carbs at all. My body is still clinging on, but when it gives up, the weight should begin to fall.

I am trying to fast all day until dinner…so far so good. The high fat content of the whipping cream in coffee helps to stave off hunger during the afternoon.

I am down to one glass of Scotch during movie viewing in the evenings, and I am usually nodding off before that is gone.

I have done well in resisting the “carbohydrate craving”, with all the goodies that are around tempting me; Fritos and bean dip, potato chips and French onion dip, nachos with refried beans and jalepenos, and piled high with cheese…only a passing thought any more. I don’t even notice the Baby Ruths, Snickers, or Nestles Crunch bars…no siree.

There are no ice cream bars in the deep freeze…huh uh.

The raw flour tortillas from which I used to make breakfast tacos aren’t really there.

Too bad about all the pinto beans I just bought…they’ll still be good later.

I gave away the delicious oatmeal rum-soaked raisin cookies to SIL; or at least they disappeared when they left. It’s just as well. It’s little bits of junk like that that put on the pounds…for me anyway.

I have even gone to no sweetener of any kind in my tea; just half a squeezed lemon then the lemon half itself. Am getting used to it.

Am also working on no more afternoon naps.

I have not begun any steady exercising as of yet…I hate that even more than dieting…baby steps.

I took some pecan halves that had been frozen, heated up a non-stick skillet, and toasted them with some butter and salt…a nice distracting, healthy snack.

I do have some frozen tilapia filets, and shrimp that I will have when I run out of the bbq.

Also, stuffed bell peppers with seasoned beef and cheese are in my near future.

Started my ACV tonic today as well…nasty stuff when taken straight, so I diluted 1 T into a half liter bottle of water, drank during the day, with tablespoons of coconut oil.

My son’s wedding is in late July, and I am trying to lose as much as I can by then. Plenty of time, I just gotta change my life meanwhile to accomplish this.

Sacrifices must be made.

How much can I lose in 70 days?

We will see.


2 thoughts on “High Wind Advisory Today

  1. Awesome results sir – You are doing it right. You are kicking diabetes in the nut sack like you mean it – well done !

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