Insurance Coverage in Paradise

Apparently, my insurance policy has a $1000 deductible.

So, the $650 plus to replace these fine items will come out of pocket,..NFW

I have another weedeater; a Bolens/MTD for which I ordered a new carb today for ten bucks. It’s not heavy duty, but if it works, I just  might find a new insurance company.

Meanwhile, the weeds still grow, and my brush piles are just as high.


2 thoughts on “Insurance Coverage in Paradise

  1. Yeah; insurance companies are the biggest scam out there. You pay them a bunch, and they provide nothing. They must get a kick out of making you laugh with a stupid gecko or a dumb broad in what looks like a straight jacket, as they take your money.

    I live on the edge of the boonies. I still lock everything up at night. The meth heads live in the ghetto at the west end of town. The illegals live… everywhere… You can’t be too cautious…

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