Theft In Paradise

I was ready today to go out and do some serious yard work.

I made a trip to the little town to renew my trailer license sticker, and a couple of other minor tasks.

When I returned, I decided to do some long needed weedeating.

I went to the shed to the spot where the weedeater should have been, and it wasn’t there. WTF?

The next item I noticed was  missing was my chainsaw. dammit.

I came back to the house, and filed a claim with the insurance company, and called the Sheriff’s office.

I returned to the scene of the crime to discover that the thief had also stolen my Kobalt jigsaw.

My Milwaukee circular saw case had been opened, but I am guessing he/they could not carry everything.

A deputy showed up and took info, and suggested that it was the fence people, as they were the only folks in or around the shed for months.

Looks like I’ll need to take some more security precautions…


4 thoughts on “Theft In Paradise

  1. Yep… Never assume you’re safe… They say locks keep honest people honest. They also keep dindus too lazy to earn a living from stealing your stuff… which you’ll probably find for sale at your nearest swap meet this weekend…

    • That’s why we put up the fence..who knew the fence people had thieves working for them? The theft probably occurred a couple months ago while the fence installation was going on…the deputy figured the perps just kept the items for themselves. We’ll be installing motion detector lights very soon, and a driveway alert system.

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