Laugh And The World Laughs With You-

Whine and you whine alone…


I dug out my emergency cash stash and purchased a new pair. The weedeater disconnects and can have a saw blade, or chainsaw attached to the end…quick release if you will.

I stuck with the 16″ blade on the chainsaw as I already have an extra 16″ bar and chain.

I am locking them up in the storeroom for now.


6 thoughts on “Laugh And The World Laughs With You-

  1. Those powerheads are nice. The array of attachments is pretty darned amazing. Had one and had two weed-eater attachments, one with string and one with a blade. Very useful for quick swap out for cutting really heavy weeds or brush.

    They also make a nice little rototiller that is great for digging small holes for planting a small pot, or breaking through rough turf or clay when digging a post-hole. And for breaking and digging trenches for waterlines, sprinklers or buried cables.

    And a 16″ chainsaw bar is good enough for 90% of common jobs. 100% of jobs if you don’t practice safe sawing…

  2. I have the “limber” chainsaw attachment and a hedge trimmer attachment for my Husqvarna weedeater. These attachments are also interchangeable between manufacturers!

    • The chainsaw attachment for the Echo runs about $200 and the brush blade is around $100. I had the brush blade “attachment” (not the quick release) but it was stolen too.

  3. Very cool acquisitions sir. Country living requires more tools than the suburbs, and power tools sure do make tasks easier when you are older and more ‘seasoned’. The pole saw is especially useful when pruning around thorny limibs and branches, allows you to really get in there. Good gloves also come with that.

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