Busy Afternoon for Local Sheriff Dept

I got a call from my neighbor across the street this afternoon. Rare, and usually important.

He spoke of numerous break-ins in the area (really?), and that he had seen a couple of guys wandering out of someone’s driveway, wearing hoodies. He called the Sheriff and the area is swarming with deputies, up and down the local streets here.

My neighbor thought that one of the perps had gone back behind my property, as it’s very wooded.

The wife and I put our favorite defence weapons within arm’s reach for the afternoon.

I saw a deputy pull into our driveway, then realizing he could not get in as the gate was locked, turned around and left.

I saw another deputy at the neighbor’s down the road getting out of his truck.

So I guess the fence people were not responsible after all. Good thing I didn’t call and make accusations.

I still should go out to the greenhouse and bunkhouse to be sure no one got in, and is hiding there. I’ll bring ol’ Blue of course.

Hopefully they’ll catch these guys, so the rest of us can have some piece of mind.

I already reloaded my Judge to two .410 and three .45LC whilst doing yard work. I prefer a cross draw rig.


6 thoughts on “Busy Afternoon for Local Sheriff Dept

  1. With any luck, they will catch these clowns. if nothing else, maybe they got a good look at all the police cars swarming around and decide to go somewhere else.
    It’d be too good for ’em to waste lead on their worthless asses.

  2. I am not a big fan of the Judge. It is heavier than what I like as a carry piece. But I would have gone all buckshot.

      • I have a buddy that has the Raging Judge Magnum that is his truck gun and his wife has the ultra-lite as her daily carry. The Raging Judge is a heavy gun that pack a wallop with the 454 Casull (too much for me) but works well with the 45LC and 3″ 410 SD shells. The ultra-lite has the short chamber and kicks more with a 2.5″ SD 410 than the Raging Judge with the 3″ SD 410.

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