Strange Night

With all the hubbub yesterday, and the thieves running loose, we decided to take some out of the ordinary precautions here.

After locking the gate, we walked down to the bunkhouse, armed, to be sure no one  had kicked in the door and were making themselves at home.

Both bunkhouse doors were locked…good.

We did notice that the center building, the shop, had its door fallen outward. Now this “door” is nothing but a piece of lattice, as is the outside wall; it’s open. Critters get in there from time to time, and snoop around or whatever, but nothing stays in there permanent. Yet the door had fallen outwards…I removed the safety from the Maverick 88 and I went to the entrance where I heard something inside. I did not investigate further.

The wife was holding her Ruger LCR .38 special behind me, and I did not want to be in the line of fire in case a rabid wolverine came blazing out.

There are no wolverines here, but it was almost dark, and one’s imagination tends to run amok when clear vision is limited. So we left, satisfied that no one had squatted in the bunkhouse.

The cow shed and chicken coop, we did not look into. A trip down there wearing only shorts and house shoes is not my idea of security.

I called my neighbor as he seems to have his finger on the pulse of the local community…no answer, and no return call as of this writing.

So later, while we were watching a movie, the wife came into the LR and asked “isn’t the outside light supposed to be on?”

I shook off the cobwebs, and went to investigate, Sure enough, the outside light, which is a dusk to dawn photocell, was indeed off. I flipped the switch off, then on but it did not come on.

I switched on the four halogen lights that illuminate the parking area and greenhouse…made me feel better. Thieves hate light, and that was enough reason for me.

Around five when I got up to pee, I noticed the light was back on…still dark outside too. WTF? Further investigation is necessary. The light is four years old with a 60W LED that shines from the west side of the house to the shed…very bright. May be a problem with the photocell.

I had trouble getting to sleep (unusual for me), and didn’t get out of bed until 10:30. I switched off the halogens, and proceeded with the day. Blood sugar was 124.

It rained last night, so weedeating today would be postponed until the grass dried some.

FYI, the Judge is more of a varmint gun that self defence here. With a variety of critters; skunks, squirrels, coons, and potential rattlers and coral snakes, the Judge loaded with 3 #6 shotshells, and a couple of .45 Long Colts, I figure that is a match for any varmint…after that, how fast does X run the 40?


2 thoughts on “Strange Night

  1. My neighbors had a problem with their property lights too. The bulbs somehow screwed themselves less then snug, allowing the bulbs to remain but not work..

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