I am pleased with the weedeater overall. The factory installed the cheap, round .080 string, which does not cut some of the weeds that grow here. I left it in just to use it up, as weedeating around all the rock gardens here will eat up the string quickly. I have an almost full refill of the diamond string, which I will need soon.

The sand burs are particularly difficult as they are very stemmy and woody, getting wrapped around the string spindle, causing frequent stops requiring me to pull out said stems. The marble sized sand burs add to the level of difficulty.

The enclosure around the head unit got very hot, so I plan to disassemble it and fill the drive gear ass’y with grease.

The machine started in three pulls, and idled nicely on full choke. Fresh mixed gas makes a difference. There is a place here that sells ethanol free gasoline. I have not tried it, as the stabilizer I use seems to keep the mid grade gas fresh.

The unit is fairly heavy, and I used the carrying strap, which slipped down to the point where the machine was almost dragging on the ground.

I bought some Oakley over the glasses goggles I use for weedeating and mowing. Expensive yes, but no worries about flying debris getting in the eyes.

I ate weeds for a little over an hour, before I started stumbling…time to go inside for the day. My back was really screaming. I ended up taking some ibuprofens for the back pain. I know “they say” it hits on one’s liver, but what doesn’t? Docs no longer recommend so called NSAIDs for pain relief any  more; so what’s a person to use without getting a damned prescription?

Remember all the controversy with coffee? back and forth and back and forth again about it’s good, it’s bad, it’s good, it’s bad…

Screw that. I use what works, washing down my ibuprofen with whiskey.

I am now shopping for outdoor security lights; dusk to dawn. The wife and I went round and round..she wants a pretty pretty carriage type light, while I want two blinding bright LED lights firing out across the yard for SECURITY. I cannot make her understand, and it’s starting to get chilly here today.

We do have some halogen lights that illuminate the parking area and the greenhouse nicely. I am unclear as to the power usage of a halogen light compared to an LED.. They must be turned on manually…and off again the next morning.

Looks like I may be bbqing tonight…more wings, Italian dressing chicken breasts, sausage, and buffalo burgers…and onion soup.

Blood sugar today was 114 around 1:30.

I did receive my Bolens carb for the little weedeater. I have not installed it yet.


8 thoughts on “Weedeating

  1. Halogen lights use MUCH more power than LED lights. A “100 Watt” halogen draws 100 Watts, while a “100 Watt Equivalent” LED draws around 20 Watts. My “100 Watt” LED floodlights draw 23 Watts, are blindingly bright, and light up the whole back yard.

      • I bought a couple of solar-powered security lights when we moved in here, one for the driveway, and one for the side door on the garage. They’re bright enough to light the way at night, but not super bright.

        ‘Outdoor Rated’ LED lights are pretty easy to find. Home Depot has them, and even Harbor Freight has them. They’re really easy to install as long as you have AC power run to where you want them, and you can get really BRIGHT ones if you need them.

  2. And now you have discovered why I had two head attachments, one with a metal blade. It sure helps against woody stems like dandelions and such. Does hell against Devils Walking Stick and blackberry, too.

    As to the back, you are wearing one of those back support girdle things for lifting and moving, right? I’ve found that I need one when doing lots of bending/lifting/rotation things like when moving stuff or doing serious amounts of housework. Ah, the joys of a messed up skeletal system, or getting old, or both. (I’ve actually worn my back and breastplate armor for doing some stuff because it supports my back so well. Okay, I’m weird…)

  3. Nothing wrong with NSAIDs but do NOT mix them with alcohol. The mixture is what screws up the liver. After taking IB, try to wait at least four hours before consuming any alcohol.

    I solved the carriage light / security light dilemma by installing both. The carriage light by the door is set dusk to dawn, the security lights use a motion detector, everyone’s happy.

    I’ve pretty much stopped using string on my weed eater, I just use the blade.

    • The washing down NSAID with whiskey was more of a joke than reality.
      Looks like I’ll have to do just that with the lights.
      Fortunately, I still have lots of “lightweight” weedeating that doesn’t require the blade.
      Using the blade with all the rocks I have to go around, would surely dull it quickly.
      That attachment is over a hundred bucks with the quick release shaft…someday…

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