Poor Bastards In Maine

Actually, they are just the latest good citizens of our once great country, forcibly indoctrinated into the growing club of “poor bastards”.

Fresh off the press, this just in



Yep. Most of the Illegal African “refugees” dropped off at San Antonio, are urged to move on to Portland, Maine. Some even get their tickets paid for by the local Catholic organization.

I wonder what a life change like that does to a person; from tropical weather to minus 20 below in winter with snow and ice for months.

Well I guess if the frickin’ Somalians can stand Minneapolis, others from Afrika can stand New England.

But what about the New Englanders? and the Minnesotans? Idahoans?

Why not Wyoming? because it’s a frickin’ desert!!! at least it would be like ‘home’…you know, in Afrika.

If the Feds keep transplanting illegal aliens in places where the citizens do not want them, eventually, there is going to be blood.

Someday, citizens will be saying


7 thoughts on “Poor Bastards In Maine

    • I am more referring to folks like us with this new culture crammed down our throats, and their seemingly increasing influence in Congress. We are the ones keeping silent…so far.
      Religion of Peace my ass…

      • I refuse to do business with business’ that cater to the muzzies and I let management know why I am taking my business elsewhere reminding them of 9-11 attack. It has been less than 20 years and the dimocrats have embraced the followers of Mohamed who want to kill all non-believers who will not submit to their beliefs. I refuse to allow their culture affect my life.

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