Moving On; Sort Of

The wife invited her/our pals from SA over tomorrow for lunch; that means, X will be slaving away in the kitchen making enchiladas, Spanish rice, and pintos…along with queso dip, guacamole with chips. The bulk will be made this afternoon.

The wife doesn’t know it yet, but she will be participating in the manufacturing process by grating cheese.

The pintos were overruled and now Ranch Style Beans are on the menu. One less thing for me to do. OK.

I have received acknowledgements from both Energizer and Duracell in compliance of their requests, I shall receive coupons! I am concealing my angst. How’m I doin’?

The sauce is now simmering, and will do so for a couple of hours. After that, will removed lid and allow it to cook down to rid some of the water, and thicken.

The plan is to make the enchiladas, fill the pan, and refrigerate until tomorrow, then bake and top with extra cheese while hot.

I am watching a herd of axis deer that have been frequenting our barnyard the past few days. A buck with a nice rack accompanies the other spikes and does. I should shed my squeamish ways, and begin taking advantage of the free meat. I do not know the first thing of field dressing or processing a deer.

The axis deer are considered ‘exotic game’, and do not have a season. They can be killed anywhere, anytime; bucks and does both. Only requires a hunting license. I guess I could take it into the local meat market. They claim to do processing, but I am sure it ain’t cheap. Axis deer meat is supposed to be better than the whitetail, and axis deer are much larger than the whitetails; even whitetail buck are small compared to axis does.

The deer are getting up on their hind legs, and eating leaves from the peach tree…probably peaches too, only I don’t think they’re quite ripe yet.

We finished our Mad Men marathon last night. Now to find something else to watch.

I did replace the batteries in the old remote controls for the Sony blu ray, and voila! it worked. I have since replaced the new LG with the old Sony. I like the menus better on the Sony.

It seems the more mistakes I make, I am


6 thoughts on “Moving On; Sort Of

  1. After reconditioning remotes and things that had battery leakage, the best way I’ve found to clean them is to use Windex and Q-tips to swab out the gunk, and then Tarn-X and Q-tips to clean the corrosion of the metal contacts.

    Works best if you can get to them while the leakage is still wet, as it wipes off easier. If the stuff is dried, then I use Windex on some ScotchBrite to get started.

  2. My Uncle’s advice on facing gutting out my 1st buck – “Boy, its just a great big rabbit”. And so it proved to be the case, larger amount of ‘innards’ but the same process. Removing the entrails without spreading stomach, bladder or entrail contents to the meat is the goal.

    Here is a link to doing it – hope this helps..

  3. There are numerous videos of skinning and butchering deer. If you want to reduce the “gamey” flavor of the meat set out a feed trough of cracked corn. After feeding the deer for about a month they will be fattened up and the gamey flavors will be diminished or gone.

    Then there is the bleeding out the meat. My father-in-law would keep deer meat in icy water for a week to tone down gamey meat. My dad taught me to cut up steaks and soak them in milk for up to a week to get rid of the gamey flavor. I have tried both and believe it is more of the deer’s diet that leads to the overly gamey flavors.

    The only parts I cooked by itself were the tenderloins and backstraps. The rest was jerky or ground into hamburger and mixed with fatty beef or mixed with pork and made into sausage.

    • I have heard about soaking venison in milk…I did not know that it took longer than overnight. Backstrap and the tenderloins would be my choices as well. The only problem with setting out feed corn, is that every friggin’ animal in the county will be here chowing down. I guess I could put it out in the daytime only.

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