Lunch Guests Today

A rare day today for us as we/I prepare for some friends from San Antonio.

Gray and the wife have been teaching pals since the early 90s. A decently cool guy, although I think he might lean a little towards being a liberal. We do not discuss politics; ever.

This  trip, they’re bringing their grown daughter, who I think lives in Austin. Her brother too, lives in Austin, but he attended the free lunch here last time over Spring Break.

Gray’s wife is a Mexican national. Her English has improved vastly over the years. Gray speaks fluent Spanish. For years, she worked at the same school he did, to kinda keep an eye on him as she is a very jealous person; not without cause, I might add.

A fellow beer drinker and one of my top fans in the homebrew department.

Another of the wife’s long time pals will be in SA next week, and the wife plans to visit her. I reminded her of our upcoming trip; good thing too as she thought we were leaving a day earlier than she thought. Now she’s scrambling to call her daughter verify. Of course, it’s my fault. Now who’s slippin’ into darkness?

I got cornered answering my phone by some telemarketer for the National Police and Troopers Association, and ended up donating $20. I know damn well that money will never make it to Texas, and will probably put money in someone’s pocket that “volunteers” there. That number is now blocked.

I was kind of waiting to get a call from the life insurance company, as my term policy is up for renewal next month. For the first time in over 30 years, they are now calling me…I guess it’s not really a mystery, as the original plan cost $200 a year, now it’s going up to $2600. I don’t know where that money will come from, so it’s likely I’ll be without life insurance. If I go, the wife will have to sell. The wife has no life insurance. Well, it’s been a helluva ride.

Today was my scheduled trip to the big city grocery store, but obviously won’t be doing that today…perhaps tomorrow.

Wednesday update

The lunch went fine. My buddy brought some Thirsty Goat beer, and it was pretty good. I liked the bottles, as they were church key style. I wish I knew how to get the goo off the bottle from the label. They could be handy in case I make some more brew later this year.

I did go to the big city for groceries and a liquor run today.

Not much else to report as I are bushed, and my eyelids are getting heavy.


6 thoughts on “Lunch Guests Today

  1. Mineral spirits often works; if so, wipe the bottle well with a paper towel before the residue dries, let the bottle air out for a day or so out on the patio, then wash in your old bucket with some soapy water, then finally in the dishwasher-but don’t give all the details to the Mrs. or she will have new ammunition for the “it’s your fault” routine.

    Optional-warm the entire bottle first-maybe on the dashboard of a hot car or by pouring in very hot water-that usually softens the goo and makes it a little easier for the mineral spirits to dissolve it.

    Goo Gone used to work pretty well-I think it has some kind of citrus oil in it.

  2. Same life insurance term deal here. I had a 20 year policy for $100,000 for $212 every six months. But at the end of 20 year term, I would have had to pay $760 each six months, with likely hiking every now and again.

    My kids are nearly grown and wife is getting ready to retire maybe at the end of the year. I received a small inheritance from Mom when she passed last year and this policy really didn’t make any sense to keep. So I walked away as well.

    • I really have no choice this round. I’ll have to dump it unless we increase our income. The wife wants to tutor at $50 an hour, but has no references up here. SA is wide open, but she really doesn’t want to drive 100 miles unless it’s worth her while.

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