Upcoming Events

So next week is our big trip north for my son’s wedding.

The wife’s daughter is coming up Monday from the RGV, and will tag along for the duration.

We’ll leave Wednesday, and return the following Monday.

It’ll be about 2200 miles round trip; 5 nights in various hotels along the way. Man, do I hate living out of a suitcase.

The wife is a bit apprehensive as she will only know myself and my son; he’ll be tied up with other obligations. Same with her daughter. I think her expectations may be too high.

The wife is likely still referred to by my ex’s family as “the other woman”. I have told her that  if the shit goes south, we’ll be leaving early.

The wife’s daughter will arrive here Monday from the RGV, and will tag along for the duration.

We’ll leave Wednesday, and return the following Monday. The first and last leg of the trip will be about 8-9 hours, and that’s just driving across Texas. I am fairly certain that both women will end up sleeping most of the trip. Typical.

We’ll be taking the wife’s 2017 Escape. It’s only a four banger, but it gets great mileage. The only problem with it is there is a very slow leak in one of the tires, and the “low tire pressure” alert comes on. No big deal, but the ABS system won’t work if that indicator is on. I carry an air compressor in the car at all times. It should be OK if I fill that tire just before we leave.

The wife wants to visit an old teacher pal of hers, now principal from the RGV, in SA Monday. Her friend is attending a seminar at a school there, and the wife will meet her at her hotel…after 5pm. I tried to ‘splain to her about SA rush hour, but my pleas fell on deaf ears. Very well, continue to wallow in ignorance whilst sitting in traffic.

Today, she went to the big city for a haircut. Her trip took three hours.

I’ll be getting mine Tuesday. and I’ll be back in an hour…or so. I may have to get some liquor for the road trip..or maybe wait. Our hotel will be very close to Applejack Liquors. The biggest liquor store I ever saw.

Will update…maybe.

4 thoughts on “Upcoming Events

  1. Have a safe trip.

    I am taking the wife to Myrtle Beach SC tomorrow for 4 nights. It is about a 6 hour drive with some interstate and state highways. We went there on our honeymoon 34 years and 50 weeks ago.

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