Countdown To Exit

Remember those security lights I bought way back when? Remember I had to return one of them?

I installed one of the others yesterday on a light pole with an existing switched halogen light. The replacement is a dusk to dawn fixture with two LEDs. This is located next to the driveway, which is on the drive coming in from the front gate. I will tape the switch to “on”.

There are three other halogen fixtures, which are switched that cover the “parking area” and the greenhouse. My original plan was to disconnect one, and put the new fixtures at the other two.

Upon closer examination, I have found that I can just remove the halogen bulbs in the one I will not use, instead of removing them completely, and sealing up the box. These will require use of the extension ladder.

The driveway fixture was installed using a step ladder.

All of these are on the same breaker; but that particular breaker is on the where the power comes in. Now I know.

I made that easy job hard, but not all my fault.

The old fixture came off easy enough, two screws holding the fixture to the  box, and three wires.

The new screws were a hair too long. Why the manufacturer did not drill the tapped screw holes a little deeper, I have no idea.

I could not get the mounting bracket tight enough as the screws bottomed out before tightening down the bracket.

Remember, I am going up and down the step ladder in direct sunshine. I don’t have to tell you it’s hot.

I have a tap and die set, and retrieved it from the shed. The screws are 8/32; I knew that but grabbed the 10/32 die instead. This made the holes too big for an 8/32 screw…dumbass.

So, I got the cordless drill, and drilled the holes deeper, ruining two bits in the process, but I got the job done with the correct die, and just waiting anxiously for dark. It worked. Good thing the box had four screw holes.

This is a weatherproof unit, and came with a gasket; screw that. Getting that gasket lined up caused my patience to run out. I just sealed the unit without the gasket, and some weatherproof caulk.

Too many senior moments these days.

I was going to install another today but it was hot as hell outside at 10:15.

I did purchase another fixture for the shed where I keep my power tools. It’s a motion detect with two halogen bulbs. I am unclear if it works. I does in the test mode, but I figure I’ll have to go out at night and see if it trips.

I bought another “smart” LED bulb with a dusk to dawn sensor that I will install on the back patio today. We’ll see if I can replace a bulb without any senior moments.

The kid arrives this afternoon, and the women will go to SA later today.

Tomorrow, pack.

We leave Wednesday.

I went to town this morning to the post office to hold the mail, and made a stop at the meat market, picking up some cube steaks. They will all be divided into four packs, and sealed in the Food Saver.

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