Give It To Me

I printed out my cancelled check for the trash people, in case I catch them ignoring me’s pickup day.

I had considered sitting on the driveway with my ice chest, the AR, and some blaring classic rock, whilst waiting in my chair…but temps will hit 102° here…I do not have that much beer…perhaps a chaise lounge?

Still no response from them, after 2 emails.

Am I wrong?

Seems trivial, don’t it?

It reminds me of the old joke…

different parts of the body were arguing about who was most powerful.

The brain said it was the most important, as it did all the thinking.

The mouth said it was the most important as it did all the communicating.

The asshole said it was the most important because it kept the body cleaned from waste.

The other parts laughed at the asshole.

The asshole then clogged hisself up, and stopped all elimination of body waste.

After a few days, the other body parts gave in as the body was miserable from head to toe from being all clogged up.

This proves that one doesn’t have to have brains to be the boss; just an asshole.

It really has nothing to do with my situation; sometimes being an asshole gets the attention necessary to get shit done.

2 thoughts on “Give It To Me

  1. How much is it for a load at the local landfill?

    Wait until you have a full bed of rah in the ranger and do it yourself.

    • The local landfill is a 40 mile round trip. It’s the same place these yocals take the trash. I could burn it I guess in the burn barrel, but that would lead to another chore that no one wants to do.

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