Some Positive News

Apparently, there is a Harbor Freight coming to town soon, as well as a Hobby Lobby…one for me, one for the wife.

We signed up years ago for True Value reward points. We finally received the $35 of coupons a couple weeks ago.

There is an expiration date, which forced me to go to town today, as it was the last day of the coupon.

I purchased…bird seed.,.240 lbs of it. The 20 lbs bags were $5.99 each. I loaded up the cart with six bags.

I was astonished when the cashier had trouble getting the register to take the coupons…I kept seeing these ungodly charges show up on the display, when my total came to $30 and change, I protested.

“How in hell does $5.99 for six 20 lb bags of birdseed, with $35 of coupons come to $30 out of my pocket?

Her reply was simply, “sir, you purchased the 40lb bags…they are $10.99 each.”

Sho’ ’nuff, I checked the cart, and all the bags were indeed forty pounders.

My retort was “the sign on the pallet says $5.99. I loaded these from the pallet. Your signage is misplaced.”

Rather than make a big stink about it, as I still got my $35 off, I paid the extra bucks, and now have birdseed to last well into next year.

I wasn’t even out the door, when she abandoned her post, and went to check said signage.

Another hot day in store for pretty much everyone in the country.

I am eagerly anticipating the arrival of my SS check Tuesday, so I can make my grocery run. I am looking at Wal-Mart for some items as well, as they offer free next day delivery on orders over $35.

My last trip to the grocery store, had my cart piled high, and I still did not get everything on my list. I have seen folks dragging two carts around…I don’t wanna be that guy.

The wife has made several trips to the local grocery store, as she has gotten into eating more and more fresh fruits and vegetables. Let’s face it; one trip a month to the big store, will not work on fresh produce.

She has learned to make whipped cream from whipping cream in a Pyrex measuring cup with the hand held beaters, for her fresh strawberries and peaches.

Did I mention that we harvested a butt load of peaches from one of the trees in the back? The deer were standing on hind legs stripping off the peaches, before we picked a bunch of them.

I am still filling my seventeen 5 gallon water jugs from the r/o faucet. I only have a couple more jugs, and am done. I have been adding about a quarter teaspoon of bleach to the jugs to aid in longevity. Many of these will go out to the bunkhouse.

I have to wait about an hour between filling gallon jugs, from which to fill the 5 gallon ones, as the r/o unit will not keep up with more than that. It seems to work if I’m not in a hurry.

The wife had another UTI, and went back to the doc for some anti biotics. She has been fighting this for 3 weeks. I am certain we will begin to see the lab bills, and extra charges not “covered” by the insurance trickling in soon…at least she’s knocked it out after two rounds of anti.

Her insomnia came back, ever after a new sleep aid (Remeron), that worked two nights. She now has yet another sleep aid. I have not investigated that one yet.

I put a makeshift 2×4 fencing panel around the tree where the birdfeeders are, and have not seen one squirrel since that day.

I was only able to get three of the 40 lbs into the galvanized trash can where we keep the birdseed. I’ll have to move the other three out to the shed wood box for safekeeping.

We anticipate the arrival of fall. For some reason, this summer has seemed hotter than usual.

I got a 15% coupon from one of the homebrew places, with whom I do business. It’s very tempting, but I have yet to finish the Irish Red and the Holiday Ale I made last year. Still, variety is nice. Extra effort will be required, as all the brewing equipment was stored in the outside storeroom.

My personal favorite is a raspberry wheat beer. I usually put 5 lbs of frozen raspberries in the secondary fermenter. This recipe requires very little hop additions, as the berries are very tart. I normally add about 1/2 oz of Hallertauer hops to the batch; otherwise, it’s a wine cooler.

Those of you who drink wine coolers, check out the ingredients next time. It will state “fermented malt beverage”, then they add their peach, apricot, lemon, or whatever extract to flavor it.

2 thoughts on “Some Positive News

  1. ‘I have seen folks dragging two carts around’…I’ve seen that too. A lot of times people who appear to be past the “raising-kids” age. Maybe they’re raising grandchildren or helping out in that way or something. I don’t wanna be that guy either, though. Two-carting is a tough haul.

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