Austin Texas…Latest Dem Shithole

When I was much younger living in south Texas, I dreamed of moving to Austin. Austin; a place to do a thousand things. It seemed to me, at the time, that was where I wanted to live and party. Everything was a party; concerts in the parks, Willie Nelson dropping in on a flea infested cowboy bar, cutesy shops everywhere, the beer flowed…Oat Willie’s head shop was the local legend…Cisco’s restaurant, catered to the bar crowd, and served “transfusions” at 7:30 am with their world famous migas. Soap Creek Saloon with sawdust on the floor still…those were the days. Live bands in the park that sounded just like Lynyrd Skynyrd. 4th of July was spectacular.

Folks went to work, and partied when not working…such a deal. Everyone had roommates, as no one could afford to live alone, given the low wages compared to available housing…that has  not changed.

California’s Present, Austin’s Future

Yeah, it’s happening.

I think I would rather have my teeth pulled without antisthetic than drive Interstate 35 through Austin, and suburbia. That highway has been under constant construction since 1975. I think the population now is approaching a million in the metroplex.

I lived and visited good friends in Cedar Park, suburban Austin for many years, until I discovered what liberalism did to them.

Now my brother and nephew live in same area…hopefully, they’ll hang on to their balls…and their guns.

I would not live there if someone bought and paid for my house.

13 thoughts on “Austin Texas…Latest Dem Shithole

  1. My mom moved to Texas. She said that I should too, given my “right wing,” as she put it, political leanings. I told her that Texas is the next California. CA used to be as red as the inside of a pomegranate. What changed? People flocked there from the East Coast for jobs, low taxes, and cheap housing. Now it’s the Land-O-Left. People are headed to the Lone Star State for the same reason as they headed for California. …Stand by for heavy rolls as the ship comes about…

    • You’re right. For some reason I cannot explain, I was under the impression that you lived in Texas…Well, if mom lives in Austin or San Antone, that would be difficult for anyone leaning right. DFW and Houston not so bad…yet.
      With all the mudslides, and wildfires in CA over the last few years, there has been an influx of folks buying property here; paying cash from insurance payouts in CA for said losses.

      • Austin is a lost cause, SA “might” be salvageable – if the (supposedly) republicans get off their butts and VOTE (14% voter turnout last CONgressional election – and look what we got). DFW and Houston are probably at least as lost as Austin is.

      • It wasn’t that; it was the recession. There were no jobs here at all! Someone said “THERE’S WORK IN TEXAS!” and the rush was on…

  2. Lived in Leander so I know just what you mean. We live a little further out now and the scum from Comifornia keep coming.

  3. No way in Hell would I move to Austin. I lived in San Antone during the very early 90’s and was appalled by traffic during the week. My employer at the time allowed us to come in at 9 am and take off at 6 pm just to avoid peak but even that was crowded. My apartment was on frontage road of De Zavala and IH10 – office was on Huebner and IH10. During peak rush hour, took half an hour to go the 2 MILES to the office.

    Man, I’d lose it living there full time now. When or if I leave where I am (McAllen), it will be a small <10,000 population town.

    • Unfortunately, SA is turning into another Austin. Too much traffic, and not enough smart highway planning…kind of like McAllen. Unfortunately for McAllen, it has absolutely nowhere to expand, as it is surrounded by other municipal entities now. The city of McAllen has been farting around for years dealing with traffic; their only solution was to add more stoplights.

  4. When I moved to Austin, Burnet Road and US183 was a four-way stop sign. There was almost nothing there but a country bar and Jim’s Restaurant. And fields of cattle. Now it’s a mess.

    I remember when there was a cow pasture next to Highland Mall. I-35 was mostly empty all the way to Pflugerville.

    Leander and Cedar Park were “out in the country”. Seward Junction was a gas station and a restaurant. Liberty Hill was just a wide spot on 29.

    On the plus side, they are making noise about extending the 183 toll road to Seward Junction. On the negative side, what I just said.

    Well, I’m in the middle of 25 acres at the end of a mile long dirt road. Maybe I’ll make a nice sum in a few years as the Sprawl spreads.

      • I don’t know. I recall that when I moved here in ’92 the city pop of Burnet was about 3200. Bertram was about 800. Marble Falls about 5000. It’s at least doubled. Mostly by uh, folks that look like they moved from the RGV.

        San Saba County was all of 3200 at the time. I wanted to move there but was outvoted.

        Then there is Mason. And maybe Junction. Comanche and Brownwood are about the same size as 20 years ago.

        Meh. I’m too old to pack up and move.

      • Menard and Eden are still unspoiled, I believe. Junction being on the Interstate would not be my first choice for relocation.
        I hear ya about moving….again..ugh.

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