Man, that has got to be down there with pumping out septic tanks; telemarketing that is.

Why anyone would subject themselves to getting yelled at, cursed at, hung up on, for a living is beyond me…but then, I’m slow about some things.

Somehow, my wife got on a list and she receives no fewer than 10 telemarketing calls every day.

I might get two calls. If they do not leave a message, I block the numbers. I have voicemail, but have no greeting or message.

Even a blocked caller can leave a message, if they wait through all the rings and “the person whom you are calling….”

My wife has since gotten wiser, and now leaves her phone in the dining area overnight, as she sleeps in; giving us a chance at uninterrupted sleep.

I have shown her how to  block her calls as well, but she, for whatever reason, decides not to block all of them.

My old phone allowed me to block everything that wasn’t stored; including “no call ID numbers”. That was cell phone bliss, knowing that whenever I answered, it was someone I knew. Those days are gone.

Even though I have had our number on the “national no call list” we still get them. Telemarketers are not supposed to make calls past 9 pm, or before 9 am. I am certain they “fudge” this boundary, however.

I worked briefly for an overoptimistic company that sold copiers over the internet back in 2001. I knew it wouldn’t last, but took the job as a tech, because I knew I would have nothing to do. The business got desperate, and forced all the service techs to make 10 telemarketing calls every day…pure agony. That business folded in early 2002 after just over a year. They pissed away 22 million dollars from their investors…right down the drain.

I am sure that statistically, telemarketing has a certain measure of success…the more numbers reached, is bound to find some poor bastard in need of whatever the hell they are selling today.

The last copier place I worked, put a hard sell on a local telemarketing firm. The firm ordered two expensive copiers, and the idiots at my company ordered them like next day freight…

$$$$$$, you guessed it…the telemarketing firm welched on the deal, and we were stuck with fifty grand worth of copiers. Those things sat on the showroom floor for years, many times being used to strip parts from to fix other customer’s machines.

Hello, this is Jane from account services

Hello, this is Alice calling about your health insurance needs

Hello, this is Phyllis calling about your security system needs

How are you today?

2 thoughts on “Telemarketers

  1. Unless I’m expecting DirecTV, my ISP, or a repairman showing up, if I don’t have your number in my phone, I’m not answering. Send a voice mail. Not that I ever check voice mail.
    But hey, if you know me, you know I have a smart phone. Send a text message. Or an e-mail.

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