Ranger Off To The Shop

The local grocery store in town has the boneless ribeye roast on sale again, and I just got paid.

I got up early and headed to town for the ribeye first, in the Ranger. As I turned on the highway and tried to accelerate to highway speed. the Ranger coughed, choked, gasped, and refused to gain any RPMs at all.

I back off on the gas, and goosed ‘er again, with same result. I pulled off the road, and hung a U, and headed back to the rancho. At slow speeds, no problem, but any attempt to get any speed resulted in same.

I pulled into my slot in the carport, and put it in Park. I revved it a little; no problem, but when I revved it to around 3200 RPM, it surged again.

IDNHAC as to the problem, so I made an appt. with the local garage,,,who are really very good automotive techs, and I mean that. Earliest I could get in was Friday at 9…so be it.

I took the wife’s car and got my boneless ribeye roast; a 13+ pounder; the biggest they had out.

I dropped it off at the house, then proceeded to the big city where I bought my month supply of groceries.

The bitter taste of WTF is wrong with my truck, and how much it will cost to fix remains.

I topped off the groceries with a dry goods order from Wal-Mart…should be here by Friday.

Ribeye roast ad

Then, the wife and I were looking over the barnyard, when this came up for a drink

That is one big axis buck.

Probably should call him Gunga Din, as the water in those troughs is green and crawlin’ (for Rudyard Kipling fans).

12 thoughts on “Ranger Off To The Shop

  1. One of my brother’s former coworkers lived in Medina (near Kerrville) for a spell, selling house insurance. He had a .22 Magnum Marlin bolt rifle that he used to pot a few deer with from his apartment window (lived on outskirts of town). They weren’t axis, just your typical border collie sized Hill Country deer. Easy to process and package in a standard small chest freezer. That was some years ago.

    • I have heard of folks using a .22 caliber to down the whitetail deer. I wish I knew more about “processing” deer, as we would have venison…I would have to be discreet as the wife is constantly watching her “pets”.

      • We’ve got so many deer around that a lot of farmers and ranchers consider them pests. And it’s hard to give away deer meat because there’s so much of it!

        We’ve got a processing place here that has a good reputation, but I don’t have any idea what they charge to turn your ‘catch’ into frozen packages.

  2. ranger not wanting to rev. “might” begin with a bad crank or cam sensor leading to a clogged cat. Had similar problems on a 01 ranger and a 04 escape.

    • It has not revved above 3200 even since I had it. No problem on the highway going into passing gear, hitting over 5000 rpm with the cruise on, but in Park, it will not rev above around 3200. I just figured it had some kind of governor on it…duh.

  3. There are several processors around Kerrville. Most will remove insides for an additional fee if you don’t want to.Fastest I have gutted a whitetail is 5 minutes as there is not much to it.

    • The Axis deer is what I would go after…the whitetails here are pretty scrawny. From what I have heard, the Axis are better eating too. I am guessing that they’re all similar? in field dressing?

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