Those of you working folk have been waiting for today all week; especially it it’s payday!

For myself, Friday is pretty much like every other day of the week; ‘ceptin’ Tuesday is when Remus publishes his Woodpile Report.

Do yourself a favor, and check out his fresh perspective of politics, science, and life every Tuesday.

It’s cloudy today here, keeping the temps a little lower; at least out of the hundreds anyway.

I am eagerly awaiting my shipment from Wal-Mart dot com. Since I did not renew my Sam’s membership, with which I had free shipping, I found out that Wal-Mart now does that for a minimum of $35 order. We’ll see.

They have already dropped the ball, as I ordered in time for next day delivery, but instead am getting it a day later. Whatever. They will hear about it.

I did receive my replacement stove control, and installed it this morning.This is the second control on the burner I have replaced in four years. Of course, this burner is the one we use the most. It just seems a poor design to deteriorate so quickly at $25 a pop. The tell-tale sign is that after the burner is kicked on, it can and will turn on inexplicably to high, and normally requires shutting off to kill the burner. That ain’t right, so another one today…good thing it’s easy to install.

I did trim and clean my ribeye roast yesterday. This one was a little different, but ended up with several nice slabs of steak, and the famous ribeye cap cut, which joins the other in the freezer.

With some of the leftover chunks and smaller steaks, I made ribeye guisada last night; a favorite of mine. It takes so long to cook, and requires flour tortillas to properly eat it, that I rarely do it any more.

I have gotten to the point where I only buy raw flour tortillas, and cook them as needed. The raw ones taste more like the ones abuelita used to make. I have not mastered the art of making flour tortillas from scratch; or corn for that matter, although I have a press to do to. A press is a gimmick; a real master of Mexican foods does not use a press, but rather a nice, heavy, cutting board to flatten the dough balls, then a rolling pin; maybe.

Anyway, the ribeye roast guisada was delicious with some homemade pintos, topped with cheese.

I used all my 8 1/2″ Food Saver bags to freeze the rest.

I must also put away the rest of my grocery haul today; bacon, chicken, and sausage will need to be stored.

OK, that’s done…now I wait for the grocery delivery.

Have a great weekend

10 thoughts on “Friday!

  1. I actually bought yeast the other day. I got a real hankerin’ for some home-made BREAD, and once the weather cools off, I’m gonna do it!

    I only make a few things from scratch, and bread and rolls (CINNAMON!!) are on the short list.

    And my spaghetti sauce and chili are legendary…..

    • Now drjim has me hungry for chili and spaghetti and I’m all out of both. Used the last container of sauce from the freezer about two weeks ago. Been out of chili a lot longer. Good time to make them, though. Plenty of ripe tomatoes in the garden and freezer. The garlic is cured and hanging. The chili peppers are ready to be picked and there’s tons of oregano and basil out there, too. Just need to check the supply of dry pinto beans and get off my dead ass and start cooking………

  2. Not sure if you use actual Food Saver brand bags or another brand. I’ve been buying rolls of them on Amazon from a company called Commercial Bargains for the last couple years. Pretty much the same quality, but a lot cheaper. You get 50ft rolls for the same price as 20ft Food Saver rolls. I tipped off a lot of friends who quit using their sealers because the bags cost too much. You can get either 8″ or 11″ wide bags.

  3. Stove…. I’ve seen folks replace the entire thing because they didn’t have a clue that a control knob could be replaced. Even with a service call, cheaper than replacement. I’ve replaced a couple of elements on my range along with the oven t-stat and the front-right (big) burner controller. The worst is not cutting myself… the sheet metal panels have sharp edges.
    I like my range. It’s a “scratch and dent” that cost all of $350 I think back in 1992. I think the next model up had self-clean and next added a glass top. I only see the dent when I pull it out to clean or uh, replace parts. 🙂

    • This is the only problem I’ve had with this ceramic top. The first one I had I bought for our home in McAllen. The oven element burned through after 5 years; almost to the day. It wasn’t hard to replace either.

  4. Tortillas are fun. I’m trying the mix that comes in a white bag, made in San Antonio since 1887 of some such. White Wings? Two cups of mix, one of warm water, mix, and that’s about it. Makes eight. HEB has their version but to save 30¢ I’ll pass.

    I use a rolling pin. I have yet to learn how to make them thin. Or actually round. But “sorta square” works. I roll them out thin but they draw up on the griddle. A bit more water? I don’t know. Anyway, tasty. Cheap, too. $3.25 for a 5# bag of mix. I’ve made three batches and I think I have four more batches in the bag.

    I Food Savered a couple of bags and froze them for a couple of week. Now they are on the pantry shelf. I’ll see…. I did the same to a 5# bag of Aunt Jemima corn bread mix and after two years on the shelf it was like brand new.

    Just getting ready for the Zombie Apocalypse. I can have fresh bread and make it on the side burner of the gas grill.

    I buy my bags from a seller on eBay called filmtechcorp03 with a store called VacAndPac. I think the prices are good. I have not looked on Amazon.

    And now I’m hungry for carne guisada. I’m going to cheat and use a can of Keystone.

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