Rain Yesterday

The wife was all excited yesterday, as she had been outside; walking in the rain.

My folks had this album…

Anyway, back to the rain, she was excited; I rolled my eyes and thought “more weeds on the way”.

It rained into last night; not a lot but constant. So much that the windows were covered with condensation this morning…94% humidity according to the MSN weather on my phone.

We are under a “heat advisory” until 8 this evening. Apparently, the heat index is very high due to the extreme humidity left behind from the rain.

As I write this, I am watching the turkey vultures eat something on the other side of the barnyard…whatever it is, it is white…I am thinking one of the stray kitty cats.

I caught a group of axis deer drinking out of the birdbath…then I saw one of them chewing on the water spout..OK…’Nuff! and I scared the lot of them away.

I have grown intolerable of many things as of late.

I ordered the wife a couple things for her birthday; one of them has already arrived; the other hasn’t even shipped. I emailed them today, and was told that the order was packed and would ship out tomorrow…I wonder if it would have shipped out quicker, if I had paid the $15 shipping. Four days for processing?

I’ll throw them that weiner after they ship it.

The finches are starting to appear as of late.

They are migratory birds, so this indicates that fall is nearing.

Those of you who have hummingbird feeders out should see an increase in activity for a couple weeks, as they stock up for their migration; especially those of us in Texas and on the Gulf Coast will see a dramatic increase at our feeders.


4 thoughts on “Rain Yesterday

  1. Same view of rain as you. Although the pasture gaining some grass will save us some $$$ not throwing out hay, the huisache, mesquite, and other thorny plants love it and gain altitude as well. So we go out in hot sun, getting sun burn and SORE muscles only to do this the next time it rains.

    Its’ a real love-hate relationship we have going here.

    Try and stay cool – just a couple of months away before we can even dream of sub 80 weather here.

    • My EX yard guy told me one could make a strong wine from the agarrita berries. We have a lot of them here. Sometimes called chaparral, but that’s incorrect.
      We’ll see cooler temps overnight starting late next month, bringing fall with it.

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