Fiber Optic Update

No post yesterday as nothing going on; well almost nothing.

I had been waiting for the next round of fiber optic people to come in and mount the box and check for signal.

I had gotten up early (7) in anticipation of their possible early arrival; it didn’t happen, at least early.

I made some chorizo, potato, chile, egg and cheese tacos for breakfast, and stashed a couple extra in the fridge.

The wife called at around 11 with her two doctor reports. The doc made it clear that her UTI problems were not caused directly by her r/a meds. The r/a meds inhibit her immune system by blocking T-cells. The doc said she has a “propensity” for the UTI in her body chemistry. The only other option is to go in and have an IV drip that takes 4 hours, return in a couple weeks for a blood test, then she is good for six months; no meds in between. The IV drip is not a T-cell blocker.

I went down for a nap early yesterday around 1:30, leaving my phone at a reduced ringer volume, but still within earshot.

I was awakened by a strange noise. I thought the water heater was going to explode. As the cobwebs cleared, I recognized the sound; a hammer drill on the outside wall.

I investigated, and there was a young man outside mounting the box where the trenchers had stopped their digging.

He was very apologetic about circumventing the gate, as there is a large gap between the gate post, and the existing fence; well enough to allow a person through.

He was done in just a few minutes, and was gone again. I, returned to my nap.

About 4:30, I got a call and decided to throw caution to the wind, and answered it; it was the fiber people wanting to schedule a time today between 10 and 2 for final installation.

So up early again today in anticipation of the final leg of the brand new fiber optic network.

That’s the latest, and will post this after installation is complete.

I had some very interesting weather yesterday evening, as a system from the west tried to move across our area, but stalled. The skies were very dark, and it got very windy, just before dark. Nary a drop of rain, however.

Thunderstorms are in the forecast all day today, and tomorrow. Sure could use some rain, as some of the cracks in the ground are over an inch wide. No measurable amount of rain her since mid June.

A few minutes before 10, the installer called saying he was on his way, amid the pouring rain.

Yes, it started raining about 9:30; some moments of heavy downpour, then backing off some.

As of 11:30 am CST, we are on fiber optic internet…a screaming 25 MPS.

I cancelled my Cricket WiFi service which was due tomorrow. The money I’ll save on that will almost pay for the  fiber.

Now I gotta fix that gap in the gate…

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