Adventures With Roku

Our Roku boxes came in yesterday. I ordered just the streaming sticks, if you will.

Easy enough to set up and install. Had to create an account online in case something we watch is “chargeable”. We’re trying to avoid that, as there is plenty of free stuff out there; with commercials.

We got free trials on several channels: HBO, Cinemax, and several others, which one must cancel before the trial period is over. I did not sign up for any of them.

The wife’s TV in the bedroom got the second Roku, and it too works fine.

I started watching something called Earth: The Final Conflict, but after yawning through the first 15 minutes or so of season 1 episode 1, I moved on, remembering why I stopped watching it back in ’97.

I then went to an old John Wayne movie “El Dorado”. Entertaining enough, I suppose, and loaded with famous actors, but too much sixties humor. Robert Mitchum, Ed Asner, Christopher George, James Caan, Paul Fix, and a brief appearance by Johnny Crawford. I did not finish that one either.

More surfing required.

The wife loves TCM, and the only way to get that is to purchase a HULU plan for over $40 a month, which brings internet up to $90 a month, plus taxes…oh yes, the gov’t gets their cut as well…rat bastards..

2 thoughts on “Adventures With Roku

  1. We bought a Roku for the little TV in the grandson’s room. The calendar was full of “Call and cancel xxxx” that my wife made note of. We don’t need anything but the free stuff for a two-year old! As long as he can watch “Blippi”, “Bubble Guppies”, and “Paw Patrol” he’s happy!

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