Moral Dilemma

Or at least, an ethical one.

It’s complicated. It weighs heavy on me.

A friend of the family passed away Friday. Visitation and rosary are today for her.

Her folks were good friends of my folks, until my mom was killed in 1980.

Her younger brother, a good friend of my youngest brother, will not be attending the rosary or the visitation…I don’t understand that.

The brother in law of the deceased, also a good friend of my youngest brother, also will not be attending today. I don’t understand that either.

I am the only one in what’s left of our family that can attend.

If her own brother and brother in law are not attending, then what’s the deal? Why bother?

I was fed tidbits of information, and agreed to attend the rosary, until I found out about the hold outs.

I don’t understand the Catholic religion. What the hell is a rosary? Apparently, it’s not important, or the two holdouts are not good Catholics.

The funeral service is tomorrow. I wasn’t planning to attend that at all, given my attendance at the rosary would suffice for an appearance from our family. I just don’t understand.

7 thoughts on “Moral Dilemma

  1. Doing the Rosary is kinda the Catholic way of sitting Shiva, a way of doing mourning.

    Sounds like the two family members either can’t get time off, or they’re butt-hurt for some reason or another.

  2. I’ll go to a viewing, which is informal, lacking in restrictive protocol, and allows wandering among the people to share knowledge of the deceased.

    Funerals I don’t care for. I don’t like the thought of someone spending an unconscionable amount of money for a tiny piece of real estate. After one generation, the final resting place of everyone becomes only a place of curiosity for those wandering among the tombstones.

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