After opening the doors yesterday to allow the cool air in, the temp dropped to 57 degrees inside the house…that’s a bit too cool for me, but I tolerated it. We closed the doors after seeing the thermostat in the b/r at that temp.

While we were viewing the TV last night, we noticed that the a/c came on…WTF?

The LR thermostat is located behind the TV, which is a 50″ plasma. Yep, it puts off enough heat behind it to heat the air around the thermostat, causing the temp to go up enough to kick on the a/c.

Maybe we should huddle closer to the plasma, instead of dragging out the space heater…

I did manage to get off my butt yesterday, and do a couple of things.

First, I pulled down a couple of very low hanging branches on one of the live oak trees. Under it, is an RV pad where I usually park the trailer. The branches were such that I feared damage to my trailer if they fell onto it.

I tied a heavy tow strap to a brick, and tossed it over the branches (harder than I thought), and tied the other end to the trailer hitch on the Ranger, then driving away slowly to break the branch.

It worked on both of them. I then took the new chainsaw, cut the branches into some nice logs.I stacked them in the wagon, and hauled them to the sidewalk by the bunkhouse, where the rest of the cut wood it…don’t know why, it just ended up there. The trailer is there too; temporarily.

We decided to build a new firewood rack. There are already two giant stacks/rows of stacked firewood down the hill by the chicken coop. I figured having some closer to the  house would be more efficient. Besides, I think that there are unnamed critters living in the woodpiles. I have heard that rattlesnakes love woodpiles.

There is another wood pile on the east side of the house. It is covered with some corrugated sheet metal, and is full.

We haven’t used the wood burning stove yet, but do use the chiminea outside from time to time. And of course, there is the smoker.

The new chainsaw worked well. I think it may need a tweak on the high speed adjustment on the carb, but before I mess with it, I’ll use it again. It’s an Echo CS-370; not the high end, but not low end either. It has a 16″ bar, and I have an extra bar and chain.

It has warmed up considerably today. The current temp is 56, and a forecast high of 72. The wind is shifting, and soon will be out of the south, which will warm things up even more over the next few days; still, fall has arrived.


6 thoughts on “Interesting…

  1. Sort of the same weather, we are below in the RGV.. Slept with the windows open – it was nice and airing out the house was good. We worked at the pasture this morning for about three hours, cutting out huisache and mesquite before it gets really large. We could have worked longer, but know our limitations – muscles will be sore as is. This work is never done for good – it lasts a lifetime.

    Woodpiles attract rodents and larger vermin as well as snakes. Having an elevated pad for the pile to set on above grade helps in that regard. Enjoy the cool weather – an awesome time to bar-b-que.

  2. Next time you want to use a strap to pull a limb down take a light rope with a weight to throw over the branch. Then you pull your strap over.

  3. I think I’m gonna run the weedeater and tear up the dead grass where the firewood rack will be, then a good dose of weed killer and insecticide before placing the cinder block ends with some old 2×6 for the shelf.

  4. I had a 32″ plasma TV. I noticed the heat coming off it. Heat is wasted energy. I put a “Kill-A-Watt” on it to measure the power being drawn by the set; 450 WATTS!!! Hell; my old Toshiba 36″ picture tube TV didn’t even draw HALF that! I replaced the plasma with a 32″ LED TV that draws …39 watts. The plasma went at a yard sale…

    • We bought that from Worst Buy on the “interest free for 3 year plan” and let the deadline slip away. They tacked on several hundred dollars of interest; it ended up costing us $1700 after the dust cleared. It has a great picture, with VGA, 2 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, and several audio in and out jacks. I would never get anything close to what I paid for it out of it.

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