Tuesday, the 15th

Really nothing to report for today.

My SS check came in, so off I went to see how fast I could spend it.

It was my trip to the grocery store day, and some other stops in the big city.

The wife requested I stop at Walgreen’s to pick up some Floragen, a probiotic that seems to help her with her digestive problem.

I stopped at the local liquor store chain to restock, and got a haircut.

The grocery store checkout lines were three deep, and most had full carts; myself included. Seems the store folk were overwhelmed with the numbers. The store cuts down on employees during what they deem “off times”. We surprised them, and even the store manager was sacking groceries. I even sacked a few myself. Cheap bastards.

With my purchase of rum, I made some Kahlua, using my last vanilla bean. I have already ordered more.

I am still fighting with the seller about getting a refund for my helmet that I returned. They have received it, and no refund yet; a week later.

I found some type of wasp nest under the eave in the carport this morning before I left. I found the spray and wiped them out; mostly. They were lined up under one of the eaves. When it settles down. I’ll investigate further, as I think they have been living inside the attic.That’s really disturbing.

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