Served with guacamole, and homemade pico de gallo which came out excellent.

Our guests arrived late, and the botana was left in the oven until they arrived. It spent probably 30 minutes too long in the oven.

The envueltos were hard on the bottom, as were the softened corn tortillas.

The fajitas?

Everything I said in the previous post? forget it.

These were so tough, that no body ate them. I don’t understand it.

I may try to braise them for a couple hours to save them.

It’s pretty though…real pretty.

I set these in a colander a couple hours before cooking to drain them.

I used a Lodge cast iron griddle covering two burners on the stove. Letting the heat up on 7, for fifteen minutes, I then put the strips of meat on…bad idea.

The smoke filled the kitchen. It was a warm day, yet we had to open the doors, kick on the ceiling fans, drop the temp on the a/c, and add additional fans to compensate for the smoke generated from cooking the fajitas.

When the first piece came off, I sampled…tough as a boot heel.

A couple other strips I slice up before and cooked them in another skillet. Could not get away from the tough meat.

The residual sugar in the meat burned onto my cast iron griddle. I am going to have to run that through an oven cleaning cycle to season that one again. I had not used it before.

All in all, it was a bomb.

No one said anything as they gnawed away at the food on the platter.

I should be used to eating boot heels by now.

3 thoughts on “Botana

  1. I’m guessing the extra time left in oven to keep it heated dried it out. How to fix – the added water bath is worth a shot. That or cut it up into bite size pieces and use it like jerky – pop in mouth, savor the flavor and then chew it up. Or add into breakfast like steak and eggs dish. The meat does require refrigeration for storage though.

    Sorry it didn’t turn out well, but it happens to all of us occasionally.

    • Dried out, sure. I sampled a few bites right off the griddle, and were tough then…I figure it was just a very tough cut to begin with. A couple extra days marinading may have helped. I did put them in a small pot and cook them with water and beef broth for a couple hours. It definitely made them easier to chew.

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