After my utter failure of the botana, I placed all the fajitas in a 2 qt pot with some water and beef broth, and simmered them for a couple of hours. This certainly tenderized them; at least made them much easier to chew.

In the future, I am going to the premarinated fajitas; if I ever buy them again. At least, the premarinated ones are consistent.

In Texas, vehicle licensing must be accompanied by a state inspection on a yearly basis. During the month of expiration, one must get an inspection, then take the form to the county license department for a new one, or mail it to the state to get the sticker. Mail in is very quick and usually takes a week or less, depending on where one lives, and the local postal service.

Since I waited until yesterday, I felt I had to show up in person at the license department after my inspection.

The inspection station was packed when I arrived, about 9:30. One must sign in and wait for their name to be called, at which time we give our keys, proof of insurance, and $7 for the inspection fee.

I waited about an hour before my truck was done. I went straight to the license department, and ran into several folks who were just at the inspection station. That was a first.

I was a little concerned that the truck would not pass, given there is that odd problem with the shifter hitting the detent properly.

I did replace the throttle position sensor. I dared not dick with the shifter on the road to see if the problem was still there or not. So, I’m set for another year.

The wife’s car is due next month (week).

The license fee runs about $75 each for our vehicles.

Yesterday, for no apparent reason, I developed a bad case of what I can only refer to as indigestion…a burning in my stomach. My response was to lie down for a couple hours. The burning went away, but I then noticed what felt like a muscle pull in my diaphram..most uncomfortable in any sitting position, so I retreated to the bed again for yet another nap.

I tried to think about anything different I had eaten, or any unusually difficult physical activities that I might have done to get my gut upset, but could remember nothing out of my usual activities…say for the hour on the most uncomfortable bench at the inspection station.

I ended up taking some ibuprofen in the evening, and finally it went away, and this morning I feel like nothing happened at all.

I have dropped Drudge Report from my blogroll. Once a daily read for me, I have found that Drudge has jumped from the conservative bandwagon, over towards the left. Bye.

I read that a parent company of Drudge, is now owned by Google…say no more.

This from Remus at

From Wayne Dupree:

Attorney and Trump supporter Ron Coleman thinks he has the answer as to what has happened to Matt Drudge.

“He recently signed on with a Google affiliated company, which purchased Matt Drudge’s father’s website, RefDesk, as part of the deal. Frankly, I’m concerned this is the sole reason Drudge went mainstream and to the left: to satisfy his new advertising agency… The agency is called Granite Cubed”

Now, we’re learning from Gateway Pundit that Drudge has lost 200 million pageviews and 20% of Drudge readers have bailed.

How is it these days that it seems like the most influential big money companies are liberal?


6 thoughts on “Recovering

  1. How is it these days that it seems like the most influential big money companies are liberal? They, along with the likes of Hollyweird are pushing an agenda of “We’re rich, and we’re going to make sure that no one can get a piece of what we have in the future.” THAT’S how…

  2. I asked my wife about the holding heat of fajitas in the oven. She asked me if the fajitas were covered with foil or other impermeable material. I told her I had no idea. She thinks if they were left uncovered to oven interior, the heat might have evaporated the liquid,causing toughness.

    Quien sabe . . .

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