Will Bloomberg Run?

Michael Bloomberg is considering joining the democrat clown parade.


What would be his platform? To continue the socialist agenda? To redistribute wealth? I doubt that, given he is a billionaire.

The eternal quest for power.

We can only hope that if he jumps in, he will piss away a billion dollars of his own money…and lose.

And now this…oh brother, you gotta be kiddin’ me!


Eric Holder? running for president?

Holy crap!

I suspect he’ll pull the race card when he loses…

2 thoughts on “Will Bloomberg Run?

  1. Imagine telling an Alabama population you can’t have a 32 ounce sugar sweetened drink. It might be a coke or iced tea but Bloomberg’s ideas will not be well received in the deep south.

    Eric Holder needs to be in jail.

    • The candidates seem to focus more on states with a shitload of electoral votes. Alabama has nine. Their voices will not be heard by presidential candidates. Texas too, has a thirst for the giant sweet drinks…38 votes.
      I agree about Holder…he is a coward and a liar.

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