De Niro…Buttigieg Fan

Well, I see that once again, Robert de Niro reveals his true nature.

De Niro: Buttigieg could be the one to beat that piece of s**t Trump

heh…de Niro, Weinstein, Epstein all belong to the same club, apparently.

Hey Bob, how many trips for you on the “Lolita Express?”

Does that mean that Robert de Niro is gay too? besides the pedophilila, I mean. Does his unnatural “closeness” to Harvey Weinstein mean he bisexual?

What the hell do you call that? a bisexual pedophile…

Hey, if de Niro can get away with calling the President a piece of shit, than I can call him a bisexual pedophile…biped…oh man, that’s been taken. Still, a new one for the shrink books.

You see, the life long actor has not ever had one…single…original…thought. He reads from scripts and has to memorize what he vomits in public.

In all his tirades against the President, not once has de Niro annunciated “the damage”…not once. Why? because he has no clue, as there is no “damage”.

I would love to see de Niro’s head explode when Trumps gets re-elected. There probably wouldn’t be much gray matter inside, but he’d be dead just the same.

It’s just a dream I have.

Is that wrong?

One thing is for sure, Buttnleg will never get elected President.

8 thoughts on “De Niro…Buttigieg Fan

  1. I don’t see any of the current crop of Progressives even standing a chance of being nominated, let alone being The Annointed One able to debate Trump on live T.V., Far too many holes in how they will pay for the New America they have. I’m guessing someone will be nominated the last minute so that that candidate will not have long enough to be put under the microscope. Probably less than two months prior to Democratic Convention. Warren – nope. Biden – far too much Hunter Biden baggage, let alone his missteps even with a sympathetic MSM helping him.

  2. ‘Awfully big mouth for someone who sells something no one really needs…

    …It’s amazing, the lengths that has-been “celebrities” will go to to remain in the heat of the spotlight…

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