Hunter Biden In Paternity Suit

Apparently, Hunter Biden, like his old man Creepy Joe, is unable to keep it in his pants, hence a really big “whoops!” when that 4 seconds of passion comes to life.

and I am hog swoggled as he managed to dodge the hearing.

He “said” his lawyer quit…Ya, sure, men learn quickly how to dodge child support…rat bastards..and he is the prince of rat bastards.

It seems that Hunter hopped into the sack with a stripper (gee, never heard that one before).

The name of the 16 month old child is sealed. Only those involved in the case are allowed to have that information.

The time of this would put some interesting thoughts around the Ukraine oil mess…

Worst of luck to you ya fuck. I  hope she takes you down, puts a big dent your family fortune, and brings your old man to his knees.

2 thoughts on “Hunter Biden In Paternity Suit

  1. A sex worker only gets pregnant when she wants to. She has a paycheck coming for at least until the kid turn 18 unless she has a good lawyer then it is through college.

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