CoQ10 No More For Me

I am always looking for ways to better my health through chemicals; or natural supplements.

My most recent blind following was that of the coenzyme CoQ10. Supposedly, it occurs naturally in one’s body, but depletes over time.

There is evidence it helps with high blood pressure, high cholesterol,

Preliminary studies have shown that CoQ10 may slow, but not stop, the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. Additional research is needed to confirm this effect.

CoQ10 has also been studied as a preventive treatment for migraine headaches, though it may take several months to work. It was also been studied for low sperm count, cancer, HIV, muscular dystrophy, Parkinson’s disease, gum disease, and many other conditions. However, the research has not found any conclusive benefits.

Who was I to disagree? I watched a video from MD Creekmore’s place a while back, and hopped on the bandwagon.

Since early November, I have been taking 100mg every day.

I have noticed one thing about supplements: if you’re still alive, they must be working.

I now disagree, at least for me.

As in all things, anyone can get too much of anything.

For the past couple weeks, whenever I sat up in bed, it took me a minute or so for the dizziness to stop. I just thought it was the Beam. In addition, I have been sleeping into the afternoon as of late, and that’s not like me. Even after I am up, I still feel like going back to bed.

As of today, I have stopped the CoQ10 supplement. After being up a couple of hours, I am still dizzy and lethargic.

My BP was 90/70…that’s a tad low for me, and further research on my part indicated that any systolic number under 95 was considered as “almost low”.

So, off the wagon, and will probably dump the hawthorne berry extract as well’ another supplement to lower blood pressure.

Apparently, both of these supplements together do in fact, lower blood pressure.

However, my main med is Lisinopril, with nifedipine as a calcium channel blocker, and metoprolol as a beta blocker. All these maintain my BP in a healthy range. I suppose I could hang on to the supplements and use them should I ever need holistic cures.

I see I got paid today, with my $22 cost of living increase.

A trip to the store is in my immediate future…not today however.

I have increased my exercise bike time to 25 minutes yesterday. If I can shake off these cobwebs, I’ll be back at it later today.

It’s still winter, and it’s 75 right now.

I’d be very disappointed if that was all the winter we get.

Our two-bit mortgage company went under, and now our mortgage has been taken over by a new two-bit mortgage company.

We are supposed to get a “welcome packet” with out new account number. As of yet, we have not received it.

My guess is that they just changed the sign, and kept the same incompetent individuals employed.


4 thoughts on “CoQ10 No More For Me

  1. dam, brother, where are you getting your health information? i’m on metoprolol myself and THAT makes you tired and worn out feeling. my doc cut mine back by just a third and I saw immediate increase in energy. and I got off lisinopril b/c it zapped me too and it made me have hot flashes. my wife takes the coq10 200mg a day without ill effects. I have the hawthorn berry too but while my bp is about “normal” now my circulation is poor. I will be coming off more of the 4 meds my doc has me on and going on the hawthorne for a bit. plus, didn’t you say you were trying a sort of keto diet?

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